Five video game character match-ups for Valentine’s Day

Last year brought some twists to a few well-established characters in the video game world, as well as a number of interesting new faces. So, of course, we had to take time this Valentine’s Day to debate who from our favorite franchises might wind up on a date together. Some may be old, some may be new, but one’s for sure: there’s sure to be more than one surprise in these pairings! 

Like what you see or have a video game couple you think would be great that we’ve missed? Why not drop us a line in the comments and let us know who you’d pick for a video game character match-up!

VDChellLayton 610x457 Five video game character match ups for Valentines Day

Professor Hershel Layton and Chell

Out of all the couples on our list, this pairing may be the most stable. They’re both really good at figuring out solutions to even the most complicated problems, whether the question at hand is how to pack a suitcase without any items overlapping each other or how to get out of a giant death trap before it’s too late. After all that, how hard can it be to figure out who’s turn it is to pay for dinner?

LIKES: Puzzles, hapless sidekicks

DISLIKES: Nerve gas, ultimatums

FIRST DATE: A quiet sidewalk cafe for dinner followed by doing a few crosswords and sudoku. In ink.

WILL THEY MAKE IT? Chell is known for never giving up, and Layton is the ultimate gentleman, so things look promising.

VDDanteJuliet 610x457 Five video game character match ups for Valentines Day

Dante the Nephilim and Juliet Starling

We’ve jumped straight from the most stable to the least. In fact, we can already see the TMZ Breaking News alerts now: “Rockstar couple marry in explosive, high body-count Vegas wedding: divorce next morning.” I hear they’re still sifting through the wreckage of the hotel they demolished.

LIKES: Over-the-top weapons, hair products

DISLIKES: Dark magic, oppressive families

FIRST DATE: A rock concert. Filled with demons. And high explosives.

WILL THEY MAKE IT? I’d be more concerned with whether the surrounding tri-state area survives.

VDLaraLink 610x457 Five video game character match ups for Valentines Day

Lara Croft and Link

While high-class Lara Croft could have her pick of dates (before she went and got herself shipwrecked, that is), a plucky country-boy blondie who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty could definitely catch her attention. As long as she doesn’t ask about what he has in all those bottles back at his place…

LIKES: Spelunking, freelance treasure hunting, recreational archery

DISLIKES: Kidnappers, water temples

FIRST DATE: An old graveyard. She’ll bring the shovels, he’ll bring the lantern.

WILL THEY MAKE IT? Unfortunately, they both keep getting stranded in some of the strangest places, and long-distance relationships are really hard when one person doesn’t know what a cell phone is.

VDSamusChief 610x457 Five video game character match ups for Valentines Day

Master Chief and Samus Aran

The classic power couple, these two armored mega-celebrities were always rumored to one day become an item. Due to recent… developments… in the Chief’s personal life, he’s in need of someone who understands what an emotionally wounded post-human cyborg is feeling. Who better than someone who once had to kill a version of herself in order to save the galaxy?

LIKES: Military history, war games

DISLIKES: Small talk, biological warfare

FIRST DATE: The beach. They may or may not have to liberate it first.

WILL THEY MAKE IT? Tough to say. If you think it’s hard to get through emotional armor, imagine having to go through a foot of actual armor first.

VDMegaManCortana 610x457 Five video game character match ups for Valentines Day

Cortana and Mega Man

Straight off her very emotional split with Master Chief, Cortana isn’t ready to slow down just yet. The Blue Bomber makes a great rebound guy: he’s got a lot of the same hardware specs as her last guy, is much easier to interface with, and is even less likely to talk back to her. If that was even possible.

LIKES: Cobalt, royal, azure, navy, cyan…

DISLIKES: Software patches, things that aren’t backwards-compatible

FIRST DATE: Internet chat room, possibly even grouping up in an MMO.

WILL THEY MAKE IT? So long as Dr. Wily keeps the enemies coming and doesn’t give the couple time to actually try and talk about their feelings… sure, why not?

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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    I would’ve put Link with Chell since they… well… are silent, they may enjoy a silent date… hehehe

    And in the nitpick of the day: I would’ve used MegaMan.EXE since he is a computer AI thingy more like Cortana.

    Also Dig Dug with Nana

    • I’ve had a few comments from friends about which Mega Man version to use, so you’re in good company Julio. I went with MMX partly for personal nostalgia, and partly because it wouldn’t make Cortana look like she was robbing the cyber-cradle.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. hahaha i agree with juliet and dante pairing and i think that exactly this will happen if it were to be true :D good job btw very creative..

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