Guardian Journals: ‘Destiny’ Week 1


On Tuesday, Bungie and Activision finally released Destiny, a shared world, mythic sci-fi shooter that also happens to be one of the most anticipated video games of all time. As a cross between an FPS and an MMO, there is naturally somewhat of a learning curve for new players as they discover the world and figure […]

Video Game Guide to the Holiday-pocalypse 2014


2014 has been a great year for gamers as a wide variety of games have been released. However, the same cannot be said for our poor wallets who have more than likely suffered greatly. We’re here to help ease the pain by giving you a look at what titles should have your attention during the […]

VGW for Extra Life 2013


Last year, Video Game Writers raised over $1,700 for children’s hospitals around the world. This year, we’ve set our sights even higher, and we need your help! By participating in the Extra Life 2013 24 hour gaming marathon on November 2nd, we hope to raise $2,000 for children in our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. […]

VGWcast #06: Heckle us about video games


In this week’s episode of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by Staff Writer Brock Wilbur. They get constantly distracted while trying to talk about Valve, Grand Theft Auto V, and how the Vita and Wii U are making substantial comebacks. The episode ends with a quick discussion on alcohol and how stand-up comics handle hecklers. […]

VGWcast #05: Grand Theft Fantasy


In this week’s episode of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by Craig and Lucas as they discuss the huge run that the Final Fantasy series is about to have with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Final Fantasy XV. First, however, the trio ponders whether or not […]

VGWcast #04: PAX Prime 2013


In Episode 4 of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by SaveContinue.com’s Kyle Gaddo. The two discuss the standout titles at PAX Prime, what company could’ve had a better lineup at the event, and hand out their awards for “Best in Show.” Listen Now: DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE Brian’s PAX Prime 2013 coverage: Hands-on Preview: Batman: Arkham Origins […]

VGWcast #03: 2D-wha?


In the third episode of the VGWcast, Brian, Lucas, and Tyler start by talking about Nintendo’s recent announcements including the 2DS, the Wii U price drop, and a reaffirmation of its strong holiday lineup. The trio then goes on to discuss what video game locales would make for the best vacation destinations. Can you say […]

When character customization turns ugly


Character customization is a great thing. It allows you to immerse yourself in an epic fantasy world, live your dreams as a pro skater, or traverse a post apocalyptic world. On the other hand, it also has the ability to completely ruin a story by turning an emotional moment into an SNL laugh track, or […]

VGWcast #02: It’s All About the Games


In episode 2 of the VGWcast, Brian and Russell talk Gamescom 2013 news, including the best trailers and biggest reveals. The two also discuss what the future holds in the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One battle, and if selling an Xbox One without Kinect would be a good idea. The podcast wraps up with a […]

VGWcast #01: Continue?


We said we’d be back, and here we are! Join us for our newest podcast endeavor, VGWcast, where we’re going to keep things short and sweet, topical, and most of all, fun. Did you miss us? In this inaugural episode of the VGWcast, Editor-in-Chief Brian Shea is joined by Associate Editors Russell Jones and Stu […]

Unlimited Ammo #73: Pre-E3 2013 with Kevin Dent

Unlimited Ammo

On this very special final episode of the Unlimited Ammo podcast, VGW Editor-in-Chief Brian Shea is joined by Kevin Dent for a pre-E3 chat to talk about what’s on everyone’s minds: next-gen consoles. While they have lots of things to say about the recently-announced Xbox One, they find time to grumble about Nintendo’s recent decision-making, […]

Xbox One: VGW reacts to Microsoft’s reveal

Xbox One

Today, Microsoft unveiled its brand new console, the Xbox One, a system that promises to be an all-in-one experience with a focus on entertainment that goes beyond the games that players have come to expect from the Xbox brand. While the reaction on Twitter ranged from excitement for all of the new features to disappointment […]

Unifinished Business: 4/20/2013 – Balancing Justice with ‘Injustice’

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This weekend, the staff seems to be doing things other than gaming, but like any true gamers, they still find time to switch the ol’ console on for at least a small chunk of time. With Injustice: Gods Among Us releasing this week, a lot of the staff is digging into that, while others are […]

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