[Update] Apple rejects ‘Baldur’s Gate: EE’ build for iPad

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition 300x157 [Update] Apple rejects Baldurs Gate: EE build for iPad

[Update] Trent Oster took to Twitter again to let fans know Apple turned down the iPad build they submitted today.

“We’ve got some work to do!” Oster tweeted. “We are frustrated, but every extra day is a chance to make the game better.”

The rejection delays the RPG’s launch to iPads, which had originally been slated to premiere alongside the PC launch last week. There’s no ETA on when another build could be submitted.

The remake of the venerable RPG Baldur’s Gate is out and running for PC, but people who’ve been stoked for the iPad and Mac versions are still waiting.

Today Trent Oster with Beamdog, the creative director for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, got people up to date with the certification process via Twitter:

“The iPad version was submitted on Friday,” he said. “We’ve been playing the heck out of it all weekend. We’ve asked for an expedited review.” He also said the game was up to a whopping 1.8 GB, so be sure to clear some room out on your iPads before it launches.

“We made it as small as we could as there is a lot of game there ;-)” Oster tweeted.

He also said he’ll be “tweeting like a madman” once the game build is approved by Apple, so keep an eye on his Twitter account (and @VidGameWriters) for the latest.

Did you already get the game for PC, or are you waiting for the iPad version? Do you plan to get both? If you’re playing let us know how it’s going, we’re neck-deep into our PC review now and will have it ready early next week.

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  1. I’m waiting for the Ipad version personally, the point and click interface sems like it would lend itself well to the ipad, and I’m really looking forward to the finished product!

  2. I’m just waiting for it to be on Mac. The Mac Appstore and the iOS app store are two different things. I don’t understand why I’m stuck waiting on iOS approval? It’s a load of crap

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