Best Buy creates gamer hysteria with ‘Diablo III’ release date poster

diablo iii best buy sign 800 300x225 Best Buy creates gamer hysteria with Diablo III release date poster

Of all the games to pull this on...

The intertubes were buzzing this weekend as a gamer posted a picture of a sign from his local Best Buy, proclaiming Diablo III would be available for purchase at 12:01 AM, Feburary 1, 2012. Yes, FeBUrary. Best Buy’s online store also listed 2/1/12 as the release date, which sent gamers into a tizzy.

While Blizzard has not released an official denial of the poster, Bashiok, community manager for Blizzard, reminded gamers via Twitter that “We can’t really keep every individual retail shop from making up a date,” and “Retailers will not know a date until its officially announced through a press release.” Blizzard has never been particularly quiet or sneaky about their release dates — any fans of StarCraft II may remember how Blizz lauded the final, confirmed release date. Also, a little research will confirm the first point, as various sites have release dates for Diablo III in February, March, and the vague “first quarter 2012″ that Blizzard has stuck by. (Fans of George RR Martin may remember the slew of “official” release dates Amazon and Barnes&Noble gave Dance with Dragons … all for naught)

The Minnesota Best Buy has since removed the signage, explaining that it was made in-house, most likely to stir up pre-order sales. Basically, Best Buy just trolled you. U mad?

[Via Joystiq and Twitter]

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  1. That last part is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Well done.

  2. Samantha Bigger says:

    I called it!

  3. BestBuyishit says:

    No one will pre-order Diablo 3 on Best Buy for troll us xD

  4. customer20985 says:

    The better Diablo dust up was twitter statement by Bashiok of “Yup. Diablo 3 on the consoles” this week.

    As stated months ago if Diablo 3 does get ported to the consoles, it will NOT be an MMO and that will cause a LOT of angry consumers of Blizzard maybe even cut into the Blizz Con attendence.

    That is why Namco Bandia is looking at bringing Dark Souls to the PC.

    [ http://www.gamesradar.com/dark-souls-pc-could-happen-petition-says-publisher-admin/

    As stated before, if it is as good as the PS3 version then such polished PC Dark Souls will cut the battle.net promo game out of the consumer market == maybe even cut into the MSG community!

    Makes perfect sense for if Blizzard is not going to give the OFFLINE consumers a great dungeon crawler, then Namco will be MORE than happy to pick up those who hate MMOs and OOGs (online only games) with Dark Souls for PC.

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