Bioware gives first look at Makeb, new pre-order bonuses for ‘SWTOR’ expansion

SWTORxpac1 300x168 Bioware gives first look at Makeb, new pre order bonuses for SWTOR expansionBioware released a new video and more pre-order incentives today for Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s first expansion, “Rise of the Hutt Cartel.”

The video is a first look at the planet Makeb, which the Hutts are making a play for. A group called the “Regulators” are rounding up dissidents and executing them, all while the Hutts issue decree after decree to keep the populace in fear and in check. The Republic and Imperial forces don’t take kindly to this, of course, and the players will be sent to help and/or crush their respective allies.

At first glance, Makeb seemed rather… Alderaan-ish. The dueling forces in fancy-looking city streets remind me a bit too much of my Jedi Knight’s leveling experience on that planet. There are some very interesting tidbits; an industrial area in the planet’s crust which will probably make up a big mission area, as well as a giant fortress-barge fitted with all kinds of weaponry ideal for cracking down on an unruly citizenry.

Bioware is offering the expansion for $10 for current subscribers and $20 for everyone else. Pre-ordering before the game launches this spring (no solid date yet) will also get players a mini-pet of the tree-spider looking creatures from the trailer, called Makrin Seedlings, the “Scourge of the Hutts” title and a holo-statue of the Hutt scientist Dr. Oggurobb. What’s interesting about the last bit is a line from its description, calling it a “portable training device.” If it is intended to let players train wherever they want by plopping down a Hutt-holo, it’ll let players spend more time in the field and less time shuttling back and forth to the main spaceports or fleets to get their level on. If it’s also something you can get account-wide, it’d be an amazing boost for leveling alts as well.

The chance to get the very first pre-order benefits, five days of early access once the expansion launches, has already passed, but Bioware says anyone who pre-orders the game before launch will get the three bonuses listed above.

0 Bioware gives first look at Makeb, new pre order bonuses for SWTOR expansion
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