Blizzard: If you’re playing ‘Diablo III’ offline, you’re playing it wrong

When Blizzard detailed the online “features” of Diablo III (thanks for letting us know, Blizz!), they certainly ruffled more than a few feathers. And rightfully so. It is one thing to announce an anti-piracy feature such as DRM, but the Diablo III crew seems to be taking it a step further. In fact, their most recent announcement about the constant-online feature has, perhaps, opened a larger can of worms than they intended. In short, Blizzard has combated the desire to play offline by saying “the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online.” Whoa…

How’s that dial-up AOL connection workin’ for ya?

DSL Extended 300x195 Blizzard: If youre playing Diablo III offline, youre playing it wrong

This map is two years old, and it's already difficult to make the "most people don't have DSL" argument.

The biggest argument against the constant internet connection has been that many people do not have a constant internet connection. Tales of rural areas that only have access to ye olde dial-up connection abound, with players saying it will be physically impossible for them to stay connected. Many gamers cite their on-the-road, mobile-laptop gaming habits, saying that WiFi is not always easy to come by.

Game director Jay Wilson had this to say: “I mean, in this day and age the notion that there’s this a whole vast majority of players out there that don’t have online connectivity – this doesn’t really fly any more.” And you know what? I’m going to agree with him on this (bear with me… reserve the torches and pitchforks for later) because it is 2011. Looking at the map included, this lists merely five of the major DSL providers. It may be easy to get caught up in that white space, but you have to realize that the majority of major cities and suburbs are covered. It sucks to be stuck in BFE North Dakota, without DSL, but you also have to understand that this is fast becoming a minority of the population. This is not the best argument to counter such a measure with.

Now unfortunately, I think Wilson’s comments on WiFi are starting to show the underbelly of this argument: “I mean, at our hotel, there’s nine WiFi networks that I can access. Just from the hotel! And they’re all public – they’re all paid – but they’re pretty cheap, and they’re all publicly available.” Sure WiFi is often available rather cheap, but free is even cheaper! And the justification for it to be otherwise is thinner than the justification for an Antiques Roadshow game…

square peg round hole 300x225 Blizzard: If youre playing Diablo III offline, youre playing it wrong

Do we really need the developer to tell us how to play the game?

So while I tend to agree that the non-DSL argument is moot, trotting out the prevalence — and affordability — of WiFi may not have been the best approach.

Playing. You’re doing it wrong.

Of course, we could go back and forth about the availability of WiFi or DSL connections, and this commotion may have died down for Blizzard. But then Wilson had to defend this stance by saying that players who wanted to play offline were not playing the game right. So that I don’t sound like I’m reading too much into his statement, here is his quote:

… players default immediately to that [offline]. So, they basically unintentionally opt out of all the cooperative experience, all the trading experience, and the core of Diablo is a circle-trading game. So for us we’ve always viewed it as an online game – the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online, so when we have that specific question of why are we allowing it? Because that’s the best experience, why would you want it any other way?

First, let me acknowledge that I understand Diablo III will represent thousands of hard-worked hours on the part of developers, programmers, artists and every wheel and cog that makes the giant Blizzard machine run. I understand that, and I understand that every single one of these people wants their hard work to be noticed and appreciated. Therefore, there is a desire to push people into seeing all of your work. I get this.

But isn’t that the nature of video games? Once you have lovingly created this work of art, you then hand it over to your fans so that they can make it their own. Using something simple such as Mass Effect 2 as an example, if I want to be an asshole renegade who gets my entire crew killed and romances anything with two legs, then by-the-Omnissiah, that is my game playing right. Looking at something like Call of Duty, if I want to play through the campaign mode and completely and utterly ignore the online content, again, this is my choice as a player (though I imagine more people do vice-versa of that scenario). That’s the great thing about games. Do what you want!

Now Blizzard is trying to disguise an anti-piracy technique as something that has the players’ best interests at heart. Excuse me if this rings a little hollow. Especially since they tout their real-money trading system as the reason for this security method. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but as soon as an argument gets back to the dollar signs, my skepticism sets in.

And if the internet has taught us nothing, it is that pirates will find a way. Why alienate your customer base to punish the people who are going to find a way around it anyway? Alas, that may be a different rant entirely…

I’m sorry, I cannot hear you over the sound of money.

kirkpicard 300x186 Blizzard: If youre playing Diablo III offline, youre playing it wrong

Some decisions are easy (It's Picard, btw).

Players have often joked that the road to Blizzard’s office must be paved in gold, with the number of World of Warcraft subscriptions. It is no secret that Blizzard’s name can be associated with a high-quality game and I have often praised them as the kings of polish. But this is no excuse to start putting on airs, and frankly, this whole situation is starting to reek of such things. Why would you squander years of goodwill built by consistently producing quality games with a feature so universally reviled?

That Blizzard so casually writes off non-DSL having fans, and has taken a “we’re doing this for your own good” stance, the whole message feels a little cocky. At this time, Blizzard is still hoping for a late 2011, early 2012 release. With the insanity of the holiday release line-up, such tactics make it even easier for players to speak not with angry RAGECAP forum posts, but rather with your wallets. Because at the end of the day, that is most powerful argument you can make.

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  1. bye bye blizzard says:

    i’ve been waiting eagerly for D3 for..well, years! but after everything i’ve been seeing and reading i can only say one thing.. i MOST CERTAINLY will NOT be BUYING diablo 3. Don’t get me wrong, i WILL PLAY IT (read into that as much as you want) but i will simply not pay to rent a product.

    when i buy a game, i want to own it. do with it as i please. i have constant cable internet connection, but guess what? sometimes it goes down! really! oh..and sometimes i go on holidays, or go visit my parents.. but even that’s beside the point.

    i am an adult who likes to play video games, so i enjoy being treated as such. not to be played offline? well excuse me, oh wondrous giver of wisdom, i still play D2 to this day on lan, whenever me and my friends get a day off at the same time. to me, PERSONALLY, diablo is SUPPOSED to be PLAYED with 3 friends on LAN! so you can shove your sorry excuses..

    real money auction house? LOL fortunately i have a good job, but the day i start paying real money for PIXELS in a game is the day i shoot myself. go develop mmos and console games blizzard, leave my beloved pc gaming to the likes of Tripwire Interactive.

    Red Orchestra 2. Learn Blizzard. I’ll even buy 2 extra copies of it and gift them to my friends with the money i won’t be spending on D3. f… off blizzard, hopefully we’ll never cross paths again.

  2. I can’t help but wonder.. if it is SUPPOSED to be online multiplayer, why not make it an MMO? why even pretend it is a retail standalone product?  If they have to retcon the whole TYPE of game it is, it makes me think they’re not being honest, or else they are not delivering the game they intended to.

  3. Adam Posey says:

    I’ll speak my wallet.  By buying it.  I’m not one of these blowhards on the internet that has to have everything my way.  WoW requires an internet connection and it’s fun as hell.  Most people will never even knew this debate happened, let alone make a dent in Blizzards pockets. 

    • Brian Shea says:

      I think it’s more about the precedent it sets. WoW is different by nature. The point of WoW is to play together. Diablo has always had a single player component.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jen here — To be honest, I agree to a point. I actually do not have a problem with DRM at *all.* In fact, we are planning on playing “Diablo III.” My problem here is with Blizzard’s attitude about the whole thing.

      Brian is correct: WoW is a MMORPG. Diablo has always been a single-player option. That they are adding a MMO element (the AH), and claiming that if you’re not playing it online, you’re not playing it right, goes back to my issue with their attitude. You cannot claim a single-player game must be played online, and that this merely has the players’ best interest at heart. Again, there is a cockiness here that rubs me the wrong way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was looking forward to it, but as has been pointed out, the holiday season will have too much competition.  I must prioritize what games I will purchase.

    Blizzard just told me how I’m supposed to play the game.  They also inadvertently gave me all the data I need to prioritize this purchase.  I won’t be buying the game.  Maybe I’m representative of a sub-set of players too small to make a dent in their corporate revenue, but the principle matters to me.  They won’t lose sleep losing me and I won’t lose sleep not playing their game.

  5. Francois Nolte says:

    Hmm well this news sucks. This might be hard to believe, but not everyone comes from America. Here in South Africa fast and cheap internet is still a very big problem. I was planning on buying the game, now I just hope some hackers figure out how to make it playable offline.

  6. Customer20985 says:

     That is a BAD argument.  If Blizzard does not give me what I have expected then want I want a hacker to force Blizzard to fit around my expectations.

    I understand your frustrations but that action will simply make Blizzard cancel the game at worse or design it to be even more isolated from the GENERAL gaming community.  This game was designed specifically for the blizz=con attendees and battle.net crack heads, NOT the general gamers as was Diablo 1 and 2 who only want to play through the game offline.  And that focus for the “online community” has been stated as such almost since this game was announced in late 2008.  It is just that a lot of people did not want to hear that their expectations were going to be ignored.  And now that they KNOW that the generic consumer is NOT to be included in the loop of this release they are feeling left out which again was stated intentionally by Blizzard for YEARS now.

    I disagree with the idea that everyone in the USA has high speed internet today.  Not because it does not exist in most major cities but because not everyone can AFFORD to pay for it.  That chart listed says where the areas are it does NOT say how many people are paying their locale telecom US$45 to 60 A MONTH for such DSL access.  And we are all able to get a hotel room for wifi right?  And all hot spots in major cities like New YOrk aren’t capped so everyone walking around with their smart phone can just take advantage right?  And of course Starbucks is going to let you sit for hours using their hot spots for gaming right?  Believe me they DO kick people out after three hours EVEN IF THEY BUY THE WATERED DOWN coffee.  So to say that everyone CAN AFFORD DSL or broadband is a flat out lie.  Maybe it would be better to say the truth as Wilson alluded to “If you can’t afford DSL/broadband, then you are NOT a customer we are looking to have.  We are remodeling Diablo for the WoW gaming consumer who has serious money reservves.  Deal with it.””

    More bad news for you no hacker is going to hack Diablo into an offline mode because it is IMPOSSIBLE.  Diablo as Jay WIlson has said has been redesigned from the code up to be a client server game.  The dungeons, enemies etc., the entire world is on THEIR SERVERS, NOT on the disk you get as in past versions of the game.  All we get is the battle.net 2 access, character, character modding, online chat tools and that is it.  The game is as some call it “World of Diablocraft” or more accurately “battle.net 2.0 – Diablo”  Blizzard would have to create a completely seperate game in order to give us an offline game and that option is simply not happening.  So our options is either bend over and grab the ankles and do as Blizzard has decided for their game OR do not play battle.net 2 Diablo.

  7. Nicholas Geraldi says:

    I dont really understand this debate at all. There are so many points that I just cant agree with.

    First, this is blizzards game, period. If they want to make it online only, then thats their choice. I can see many reasons why they would want too. I can think of many reasons why not to, but in the end its not my choice. Just as its not my choice if my favorite tv show decides to kill off my favorite character, or if my favorite game decides to include a feature that i dont agree with. That is their choice. 

    Second, to sit here and say that Diablo 3 cant be online only because Diablo 2 had a single player component is dumb. Warcraft is a great comparison here, sure look at WoW. Its online only, but look at the other games in the warcraft series, the basis of WoW is an RTS game. To say that Diablo 3 cant be a online only game because the prior versions of it isn’t is simply laughable.

    Third, anyone who didn’t see this coming is very short sighted. Even in Diablo 2 you couldn’t move over the stuff you acquired in single player to multiplayer. This caused a split in their player base, people who enjoyed a single player game vs people who liked playing online. The reason for this separation was very clear, to prevent hacking. open Diablo 2 was riddled with hacked items, duped items, trained charicters etc etc. Closed Diablo 2 was the answer to this, an environment where this could be controlled and monitored. To think that blizzard would not want to merge both sides of these player base is just bad at economics. And I doubt if its a surprise to anyone that they choose the medium that allowed them the most control over various cheating methods.

    I don’t mean to be one of the few voices in support of blizzards decisions here, but honestly to say something like “If Blizzard does not give me what I have expected then want I want a hacker to force Blizzard to fit around my expectations.” is just bad form. Blizzard is a company producing a product. If blizzard does not give you what you expect, dont buy it, its really that simple. To say you want someone to force blizzard to make a product around your expectations is just a bit egocentric. They are going to produce a game that sells and sells well. they are going to want to protect their investment in that game with controls built into the game. The notion of forcing a company to give you exactly what you want “or else” is exactly why they are building it this way.

    • Jen Bosier says:

      First off, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone here who has put such effort into *great,* intelligible and valid points. I love to see the discussion arising from this game, and I appreciate your feedback!

      Second, and most importantly, I think I should make it clear that I am *in no way* advocating or encouraging piracy. I have very strong feelings against hacking and piracy in general, but that is neither here nor there. My point, which may have been lost, is that I often wonder how effective anti-piracy systems really are. It is merely my musing, and pointing out a sad reality of the PC gaming market. I am certainly not encouraging it.

      Just wanted to make sure that was clear. :)

    • I like to play standalone or on my own LAN. I really like Diablo II and will continue playing it, but now Blizzard has forced me to shop for other games in this genre that I can play offline.

  8. Well, the only PC game I was looking forward to buying I now have a reason not to. Guess I’ll just have to make do with my console games, like Demons Souls, which had a perfect mix of on and offline woven seamlessly into the game.

  9. I will certainly BUY Diablo 3. Back when D2 Expansion was released, many have lost hope on D3 threads on the forums but I am the ONE who tried to drag the thread for several years until D3 finally shows up. My faith was truest.

    Now, I can’t wait for the game. I want the game, NOT the online capability. I have no problems with internet connection, as for now.But it doesn’t feel much of Diablo sequel fever when you need to be online. I would miss the old D2 very much.
    Blizzard should reflect further that if D3 was released 2 or mere 3 years later after D2 expansion, and they decided to have it online, that’d be a different story. But D3 would come out way several years later, they should come back to their senses.
    Blizzard should learn that gaming industry are all coming back to its roots. SSF4, MK9 and all the likes of it. D3 is not coming back to its roots with the online needs.
    One more thing, if Blizzard saying that apart from this prevents piracy, the online also prevents cheating. Well, hackers will always find their way to hack it. Just wait and see.

  10. cat_magyck says:

    A point that I’d like to make here is very simple. As an avid Diablo gamer, I know that when I am working on a character, I like to play it whenever I have the time to do so. Whether I have an internet connection or not should not affect my personal gameplay. If I purchase a game to play on MY personal PC, then who has the right to tell me that I must, absolutely must, be online to play it?

    And, frankly, I have never enjoyed MMO online play. I tried it, disliked it, and did not return. Period. I don’t play WoW or Starcraft or any of the other multitudinous online MMOs, for the simple reason that I just don’t like them. Nothing is capable of forcing me to like them or join them. So, all Blizzard has done here is lost themselves another sale, because I now will not be buying my favorite game.

  11. Wtbattlencv says:

    to anyone else that plays call of duty and diablo doesnt it sound like we have a repeat of modern warfailure 2?

  12. This is the only game that i would like to BUY and the only game that I wanted to play so much after waiting for so many year, but now.. I think I’m going to blacklist Blizzard, only available for online ? I don’t know how they calculate their revenue on this, because not all gamer will have a steady internet connection, if the game is only can be played by internet connection what happen when a gamer go into a den or fighting boss.. and then the Internet connection just off…This is going to be such a pain in the A..s.
    My best regard to blizzard, I hope you guys calculate your profit well, because now you just happen to lost a customer, and i think most people in the forum also will cancel to buy D3..

  13. U guys need to stop the QQ. I mean cmon all this poster waving “we wont buy” crap. I am buying this game for one reason and one reason only. It is a phenomenal game. We dont know that it is yet (no beta invite for me), so there might still be room for me to not purchase it on that basis alone. To not purchase this game based on the fact that you cant play offline makes you a retard. I really don’t care if the reason it’s online only is because they issue a press announcement stating that its all so they can control the market and stop piracy. So what, its their god damned game. People should buy and play games because they are great, and for no other reason. Developers also should just be honest about their intentions beforehand. I can almost guarantee that all the whiners on this thread will purchase the game because it will be awesome, and they would rather play an awesome game for hours on end with their friends then sit in a pool of their own self righteousness.

  14. When D3 comes out, I’m sure everyone will voice more opinions. Free speech ya know. I still like games I can play stadalone and D3 doesn’t fit the way I like to play. Bummer.

  15. I’m a late bloomer fan of diablo, I’m buying d3 with my hard earn money but I won’t be feeding blizzard with there craft of its an “anti-piracy style” ,it’s just the money they see not those who want to fans who wants to enjoy their game as they see it fit to them.don’t restrict us on the way we play because we will buy buy your game but not rent to you just to play it…

  16. Haha, Blizzard made the captain obvious statement. Yes, Diablo III will be all about the multiplayer, in Diablo II it was always the main draw. True, it is a way to limit piracy, but who the heck would pirate DIII just to play single player? Nowadays for online heavy games, the CD key is basically worth the value of the game.

  17. I won’t play the game, not because I’m retarded but because I have a mobile broadband that’s barley good enough for browsing.

    I will buy the game only because I had it on pre-order on Amazon ever since it appeared nearly 2 years ago. It’ll cost me 2/3 of the launch price. Then it’s straight off to ebay. Let some other sucker worry about it. With some luck it’ll pay for itself and a pint for the good old days, when software companies did’t try to butf**k us on every occasion.

  18. wakira13 says:

    if diablo3 isn’t available offline..hell with them.we could try other games like GRIM DAWN a diablo like game that I have seen..

  19. Crap, I just pre purchased this stupid game. I loved Diablo 1 and 2 and still play them to this day, but offline mode only I never really enjoyed the online mode just the well developed plot and game play. I guess I should have done some research before spending my money so quickly. I just asked Blizzard for a refund, doubt it will happen. Oh well I guess I can make my own server and put a password on it so I can play alone online?? gonna suck when I don’t have internet though…. I think this will be the last time I purchase anything from Blizzard

  20. This was a dumb move on Blizzard’s part, My family and I have been playing Diablo since it came out and have always loved it.

    Diablo 2 I didn’t like as much, I’m not sure why I just didn’t, Diablo 2 Online was crap even without the cheaters.

    Diablo 3 Beta is pure garbage, and I say this ONLY because when I play a Diablo game I want to get into the lore and complete quests myself (or with friends that are staying close), when I tried to start a game I got nothing but errors(not too mention the complete fail of a working Beta Installer), when I joined a game all I had to do was sit in town and inadvertantly start quests, level up and complete quests that I had nothing to do with.(even beat the Beta before I had actually beaten a single quest)

    I don’t care much for leaving my computer online or staying connected while playing a singleplayer game, and the attitude from Blizzard is “It’s 2012 everyone has internet?”, what about those using ComCast… everyone knows ComCast cant stay online for more than two days straight, what if I go to the ranch and don’t want to tie up the phone line, what about all the soldiers and sailors, guess the men and women that keep us free get screwed because of ignorant company exec’s… I also know that Diablo 3 will be entirely dependant on Blizzard’s ability to stay online (or mine) and that’s a scary thought.(I love knowing that Diablo 1 will be playable on damn near any PC at any time)

    I would be fine with LAN capabilities and singleplayer, I never cared about cheating because I never cared about online, this is Diablo not WoW… i guess that’s not true anymore.

    P.S. It has been difficult maintaining composure in this post because of the way I feel toward Blizzard for messing up the SinglePlayer “Core” element in the Diablo series, but rest assured there is alot of cursing going on.

    • “When I tried to start a game I got nothing but errors(not too mention the complete fail of a working Beta Installer), when I joined a game all I had to do was sit in town and inadvertantly start quests, level up and complete quests that I had nothing to do with.(even beat the Beta before I had actually beaten a single quest)”….

      That’s why they call it a Beta. Beta isn’t free game time, beta is helping developers filter out the bugs and errors, and as such, you will be subjected to tests. You cannot expect quality game time out of beta’s, sorry.
      People should pay more respect to IT crowd, and start grasping the fact that you cannot make miracles without proper testing. Get over it or get out!

      As for the overall topic… The game is free! People, what are you whining about?? You don’t have to pay a single dime in monthly fees or other subscribtion styles, only the initial payment.
      Be glad for God’s sake that they aren’t charging 12 bucks a month to play this game as they did with WoW.

      Lastly, the crying about Online / Offline…

      I guess people crying and posting about this don’t know the difference between “Multiplayer” and “Online”. The reason u need to be online, is that the game needs servers! U need resources and storage to be able to create a game like this. Diablo 2 had an offline mode, because the graphics were extremely crappy (640 x 480 in 2000??? Get real :S) and the game was static, with a not to bright random map generator. This game has alot of extra’s, including the auction house (cause that’s the main thing Diablo is, and always has been, all about: trade), which will DEMAND an internet connection to the SERVERS SERVING the game!

      Let’s get hardcore here on some statements like “…offline mode only I never really enjoyed the online mode just the well developed plot and game play…”.

      The online game, and especially the ladder games did very much offer something extra, namely extra items, runewords that can’t be made solo and one of the best things of Diablo overall: Ingame Trade. Abbreviations like “WTS” and “WTB” / “LFG” found their origin with Diablo 2. And yes, like Blizzard, i will tell you that if “If you’re playing ‘Diablo III’ offline, you’re playing it wrong”. Tough luck on not being able to get your money back; maybe you can trade it in for Hello Kitty Island Adventure.. Oh wait, thats online too! Rats.
      Well, “It’s 2012 everyone has internet?” Even my freaking fridge has internet, get with the program people!

      But feel free not to play this game, rather have a community that appreciates the game then a community that is only crying and whining like a bunch of little childeren not getting the icecream flavour they wanted.

  21. And btw, “what about all the soldiers and sailors, guess the men and women that keep us free get screwed because of ignorant company exec’s”………….?

    Dude, i really hope that the soldiers and sailors have something better to do then playing Diablo 3 when defending the country from my tax money!

  22. Gaming Soldier says:

    First as a Soldier that has before and will soon be deploying to Afghanistan, having a game that you love to play during your well earned down time is what helps us get through all of the stressed out times. For those that don’t know any internet that we do have barely gives us the ability to skype and all online gaming is restricted .

    Second nothing but love for all game makers but games are suppose to be made to access as many different types of people as possible, and even though this is a age of internet some of us don’t want to share our game experience with others we like to play and replay and replay the same troubling spot or fun spot as many times as possible. Sorry will not be buying this game, but I still don’t understand why they still couldn’t have the offline ability and just keep it separate from the online with nothing allowed to be transferred.

    and for any other ignorant people until you stand up grow a pair and stand next to my brothers and sisters in arms exercise your freedom of speech that we give our lives to protect and shut the hell up. Distractions for us keep the crap we deal with daily down there from … :) your not worth finishing the sentence.

    • Like i said, i know you don’t get to play games (theres not even an addequate connection to try so) during duty. During r&r hell, enjoy!

      And yes, i’ve done my share of duty back in the day, so i guess that grants me a right of speech huh? Sound off…

  23. I got a refund on my pre order from blizzard directly I will just wait until it is hacked or I wont play it there are plenty of games out there to play

  24. I am a hardcore diablo fan……WTF there are more people out there that wants to play the damn game without being in a geek group or challenged by other players in the game. I like to play the game offline without being bothered by others its not the fact at all of losing connection i could care less about that….. give me the damn game were i can play it without having to pay for a battlenet subscriptions or playing with someone online somewhere else in the world….. pure gameplay ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dont care what any one thinks. single player should be seperated from multiplayer.
    Single player shoud be offline.
    wow is a muliplayer game not a single person so thats why its online.
    Years of waiting end up in disapointment.

  26. I can’t believe that blizz would do this! It’s skyrim all over again, and to be honest, I’ve had it with wow too. Give the consumer a break, and adhear both options. You’ll get more customers!

  27. TheSailor says:

    This is ridiculous, when I’m on cruise how am I supposed to enjoy this game? and even when I’m at port internet is sometimes a problem for us enlisted fools. Got all excited for more dissappoinment. When I saw internet connection required, I thought it meant to download, like skyrim or mass effect, but to play? I’m returning this game, waste of space on my computer. I deserve to have free time when I’m not constatly being worked like a dog all week. And to say it’s Blizzard’s game they can do what they want? If I made a phenomenal game and said everyone had puke up 50 bucks a month to play, would you do it? If you say yes you’re damn fool who need their toungue chopped. Sure they can do what they want, at the cost of what we the consumers think. but yeah we should have definitely seen this giant fist waiting to shove itself up our tightwaded asses. Nothin good comes from Blizzard without them taking a peice of your dying soul. It is nothing like WoW, which is depend online capability for a gaming experience (I never liked WoW anyway, too cartoony and overhyped) and should definitely have an offline experience seperate from this catatrophe they call a “good idea”.

  28. so when im in afghanistan, and i want a game to fall back on in my free time. it wont be diablo 3 because I wont have access to the internet. that pisses me off.

  29. neeeeee says:

    The reasoning behind the DRM issue are as follows:

    -We don’t like how people had to make separate characters in SP and MP. To make that possible without hacking items, you now have to be online all the time. (or in other words, we’re making a lot of decisions for you to how you play the game)

    -Anti-piracy: they don’t want people cracking the game and playing it by themselves. Because frankly, that’s all the game really is. With the DRM system you either lag with others or lag by yourself.

    -Money. Auction House and whatnot. Without the DRM system there will be a lot of fraudulent activity. Since they do not want to dispense with this source of finance, they just make it compulsory.

    So in order of priority: money, fraud, piracy.

  30. I’m thinking of returning Diablo 3. I understood it was Internet required, but I didnt realise it was unplayable from another country when latency is high. I click fire 4 or 5 times before seeing it hit .. by then … my keys and mouse clicks are all over the place, and I’m getting killed. Not much I can do from Australia … but suggest a class action and discrimination against low bandwidth areas in the US is surely grounds for litigation.
    Some geeky lawley .. please take this up and show people they cannot get a free lunch when people pay for a game and it doesnt say … IT WONT WORK IF YOUR LATENCY IS HIGH.

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