‘Borderlands 2′ offering shotgun-palooza ahead of DLC’s release

Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt 300x162 Borderlands 2 offering shotgun palooza ahead of DLCs releaseGearbox is stoking the fires for Borderlands 2‘s next DLC, “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt,” due out on Jan. 15.

And what do big game hunters need? Big. Game. Shotguns.

This weekend people who play Borderlands 2 while connected to the internet will see a larger-than-usual drop rate for rare shotguns throughout Pandora. People can loot to their heart’s content until the supply runs dry around 11 a.m. CST tomorrow.

But that’s not all: Gearbox has other special events planned for the rest of the weekend as well. They’re not saying what those plans are just yet, so keep an eye on their website and Twitter feeds. Which really, you should be doing already, since they love to give out SHIFT codes at the drop of a hat for golden keys and cosmetic upgrades.

“Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt” takes Vault Hunters to the continent of Aegrus for a relaxing safari with the one-armed gentleman’s hunter extraordinaire, only to discover what looks like a cult of Handsome Jack-worshiping (and face-wearing) wackos in need of a good visit from a shotgun-wielding group of heroes.

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is included with the Borderlands 2 Season Pass and will also be available a la carte for 800 Microsoft Points / $9.99.

0 Borderlands 2 offering shotgun palooza ahead of DLCs release
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