Call of Duty: Elite trailer shows new levels of social integration

A new trailer has been released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, focusing on the social capabilities and in-game integration of Call of Duty: Elite. This is the next in the series of marketing materials essentially recapping everything that was announced back at Call of Duty: XP, however there is some information in this one that sounds like positive steps forward for the largest franchise in the world.

0 Call of Duty: Elite trailer shows new levels of social integration

 Call of Duty: Elite has created more of a focus on Facebook integration for its social networking, rather than creating an entirely separate network, like Battlefield has done with their Battlelog service. Everyone on your Facebook friends list who has Modern Warfare 3 will be connected to you, and you can challenge them or check up on how they are doing. While this isn’t the first time games have had services like this, no game of this magnitude has done it, so I’d expect it to turn out a lot more successful than, say, the social networking capability of something like Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. 

The “Improve” section has never been something I’ve cared about personally, but the video features being offered through Elite look interesting.On top of the advice they are providing on maps and guns, people they are calling Call of Duty “pros” will be creating videos that will offer high level tactics and approaches for people to learn. These resources will be great for getting lesser-skilled players a greater understanding of the game.

Screen shot 2011 11 03 at 1.58.55 PM 570x356 Call of Duty: Elite trailer shows new levels of social integration

You can create classes through Elite that import directly into Modern Warfare 3.

Perhaps the coolest thing the guys from Beachhead Studios mentioned is the online class creator. Through Elite, players will be able to create custom classes online, just like they would through the game. However, once you are done creating your class, you can import it directly into your game and it will be available to use the next time you log on to Modern Warfare 3. I thought this was awesome because you can think about the classes you are creating and mess around with everything there is to offer while you have some downtime, rather than spending time on it when you just want to hop on and play with your friends.

It sounds like Elite will be an excellent compliment to the core gameplay of Modern Warfare 3. If all goes well, Elite should set a new standard for social integration in gaming, and I’ll be excited to tinker with it in full when it comes out with MW3 next Tuesday.

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  1. Yes this is just what I want! When I am talking to a girl via facebook I want a big old Modernwarfare Spam thing to pop on my homepage saying how I just reached level 45! Great Idea Activision! 

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