Capcom looking to Western game studios for new ideas

Capcom is “aggressively seeking” Western acquisitions to revitalize its game output. This comes after their acquisition of Blue Castle Games last year, who now forms the company’s Vancouver studio. This news is a sign that Capcom is beginning to take its slipping position in Western markets seriously, as one Capcom representative noted: Capcom Logo 2 300x107 Capcom looking to Western game studios for new ideas

Capcom must increase sales in the Consumer Online Games Business outside Japan, where the market for these games is larger and there is much more growth potential, in order to maintain growth.

Journalists such as our own Brian Shea have long blasted the company for its typical creative practices, which often include re-releasing altered versions of games mere months after their original release. Former Capcom designer Keiji Inafune, speaking about the Japanese game industry in general, criticized such creative practices as being far behind Western developers.

Capcom representatives have commented that they have turned down opportunities to merge with other Japanese toy and game manufacturers in favor of finding strong Western partners. They emphasize that pursuing such partnerships will help them regain their foothold in Western markets. Last week’s release of Gargoyle’s Quest on the 3DS eShop demonstrates the Capcom of old that 8 and 16-bit era gamers, this writer included, remember as being the pinnacle of action titles. Hopefully, Capcom’s new outlook on Western gaming will bring some of the old magic back to their titles.


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