VGWcast #06: Heckle us about video games


In this week’s episode of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by Staff Writer Brock Wilbur. They get constantly distracted while trying to talk about Valve, Grand Theft Auto V, and how the Vita and Wii U are making substantial comebacks. The episode ends with a quick discussion on alcohol and how stand-up comics handle hecklers. […]

VGWcast #05: Grand Theft Fantasy


In this week’s episode of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by Craig and Lucas as they discuss the huge run that the Final Fantasy series is about to have with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Final Fantasy XV. First, however, the trio ponders whether or not […]

Supergiant’s Darren Korb on recording for ‘Bastion’ and ‘Transistor’


Sound is a powerful tool for forging connections to media, and video game soundtracks are no exception. A killer soundtrack can be the difference between a good game and a truly memorable one. The same can be said for the overall character of a game’s audio. Bastion is a one such memorable game, thanks in no […]

VGWcast #04: PAX Prime 2013


In Episode 4 of the VGWcast, Brian is joined by SaveContinue.com’s Kyle Gaddo. The two discuss the standout titles at PAX Prime, what company could’ve had a better lineup at the event, and hand out their awards for “Best in Show.” Listen Now: DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE Brian’s PAX Prime 2013 coverage: Hands-on Preview: Batman: Arkham Origins […]

VGWcast #03: 2D-wha?


In the third episode of the VGWcast, Brian, Lucas, and Tyler start by talking about Nintendo’s recent announcements including the 2DS, the Wii U price drop, and a reaffirmation of its strong holiday lineup. The trio then goes on to discuss what video game locales would make for the best vacation destinations. Can you say […]

VGWcast #02: It’s All About the Games


In episode 2 of the VGWcast, Brian and Russell talk Gamescom 2013 news, including the best trailers and biggest reveals. The two also discuss what the future holds in the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One battle, and if selling an Xbox One without Kinect would be a good idea. The podcast wraps up with a […]

VGWcast #01: Continue?


We said we’d be back, and here we are! Join us for our newest podcast endeavor, VGWcast, where we’re going to keep things short and sweet, topical, and most of all, fun. Did you miss us? In this inaugural episode of the VGWcast, Editor-in-Chief Brian Shea is joined by Associate Editors Russell Jones and Stu […]

rePLAY Looks to Change the World of Concerts as We Know it


When we think of video game concerts, there are plenty that come to mind. PLAY!, Video Games Live, and Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess are just a few of many. All of these events seek to bring the beauty of video game music to the stage and showcase just how powerful these scores can be. rePLAY, the newest […]

Listening to Columbia with the BioShock Infinite soundtrack


“Will the circle be unbroken/By and by, by and by/Is a better home awaiting/In the sky, oh, in the sky” The moment you hear these lyrics in BioShock Infinite‘s soundtrack play as you slowly descend into Columbia, you know you’re in for a musical treat. Gary Schyman has not only crafted an unique original score […]

Unlimited Ammo #73: Pre-E3 2013 with Kevin Dent

Unlimited Ammo

On this very special final episode of the Unlimited Ammo podcast, VGW Editor-in-Chief Brian Shea is joined by Kevin Dent for a pre-E3 chat to talk about what’s on everyone’s minds: next-gen consoles. While they have lots of things to say about the recently-announced Xbox One, they find time to grumble about Nintendo’s recent decision-making, […]

Unlimited Ammo #64: The Phoenix Down Hour

Unlimited Ammo

The Unlimited Ammo podcast crew discusses the tragic THQ sales, Nintendo’s Wii U announcements, DmC: Devil May Cry, and Dirty Dancing… WATCH NOW: LISTEN NOW: DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE (RSS)

Unlimited Ammo #63: The Violent Torso Hour

Unlimited Ammo

The Unlimited Ammo crew tackles the Dead Island torso, the $10m video game study, SWTOR’s gay planet, DMC and Dead Space 3. WATCH NOW: LISTEN NOW: DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE (RSS)

Unlimited Ammo #60: 2012 Game of the Year Debate, Part 2

Unlimited Ammo

The conclusion to our Game of the Year roundtable kicks off with some easy decisions for Best Handheld Game and Best Graphics, and gets decidedly more difficult as the podcast crew moves into Best Story, Best Hero, and our 2012 Game of the Year. The discussion surrounding game of the year is worth listening to, […]

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