Unlimited Ammo #53: The Assassin’s Fable Hour

Unlimited Ammo

This week on VGW’s Unlimited Ammo podcast: Join Jen, Scott, Jim, Russell, Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock and Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as they ponder the effectiveness of Halo 4’s permanent bans and the future of inappropriate online behavior. They also discuss the future of LucasArts now that it’s in the hands of the dreaded mouse. But the heart of the conversation […]

Unlimited Ammo #52: The non-Maxing hour


This week on Unlimited Ammo, Jen, Jim, Scott, Russell and Max Parker discuss their feelings on the new BioShock: Infinite trailer, the Elder Scrolls Online hands-on impressions and Nintendo’s stance on selling the Wii U at a loss. The gang muses about the evolution of consoles as entertainment devices and how much they hate cable companies, while […]

Unlimited Ammo #51: The Overwatch Hour

Hey, can we talk about XCOM yet???

And we’re back in business! This week, Jen, Jason, Jim, Russell and Scott return to discuss the latest Nintendo ad campaign, BioShock: Infinite and the Halo 4 leak. Jason, Jim and Scott reveal that they are obsessed with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Seriously obsessed, people. Jen long ago abandoned hope of ever controlling this conversation. Eventually, […]

Unlimited Ammo #50: The Fall Games Preview Hour

Unlimited Ammo

The 50th installment of Unlimited Ammo is here! Join Jen, Jim, Scott and special guests Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock, Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Kyle Gaddo from The GamingVault this week as they present a preview of this fall’s games. They discuss October’s insane release schedule and reveal lots of love […]

Unlimited Ammo #49: The BioWare and Borderlands 2 Hour

Borderlands 2

On this episode of Unlimited Ammo, the VGW podcast crew focuses on three important topics: BioWare’s big week and what the retirement of the Doctors means to the future of the company, as well as some heated discussion about game publishers and Kickstarter. The second half of our show is devoted to the humorous, blissful […]

Unlimited Ammo #48: Nintendo Wii U Launch Roundtable

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe (Black)

Jen, Anne, Russell, Scott and Jason engage in a roundtable discussion focused on the Nintendo Wii U launch details. The podcast crew analyzes the launch window games, the merits of the hardware, the strategic pricing, and much more. Join us for a special edition of Unlimited Ammo devoted to Nintendo’s next console! DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE (RSS) LISTEN […]

Unlimited Ammo #47: Functional, but not fully operational


Fueled by the Fox Engine and many beers, Jason, Jen, Jim, Russell and Scott defend Valve’s $100 submission fee for Steam Greenlight, discuss Resident Evil 6, and analyze the ongoing “single player vs multiplayer” issue that EA’s Frank Gibeau dredged up. Plus, in a dramatic turn of events: someone at VGW will actually defend Nintendo. […]

Unlimited Ammo #46: This Cabin’s By Invitation Only

podcast skybox

Join Jason, Jen, Jim, Scott and Dan as we discuss The Secret World‘s less than stellar sales numbers and the wonder that is Guild Wars 2. Dan offers some great insight into why the MMORPG is superior to others on the market and what non-MMORPGers can look forward to. They also discuss evidence that Sony may be […]

Unlimited Ammo #45: The Starving Piracy Hour (Limited Edition)

podcast skybox

This week on Unlimited Ammo, Jen, Jason, Scott, Russell and Brian discuss Ubisoft’s piracy statistic, and the effects of piracy on the rampant Free-to-Play trend in the industry. They also wax poetic about Rockstar’s ability to starve the press and create a fever pitch around a handful of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots, and the […]

Unlimited Ammo #44: The Darksiders II Hour (Part 2)

vgw podcasts

Now that Vigil and THQ’s ambitious sequel is out the door, Jim, Jen and Jason welcome Adam from Marooner’s Rock and Max from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette to discuss all things Darksiders II. But don’t worry, no spoilers here. Along the way, they debate whether or not “Girlfriend Mode” is something to be up in […]

Unlimited Ammo #43: The Misfit Toy Hour

Unlimited Ammo

This week, VGW’s Unlimited Ammo podcast finds Russell, Jim, Jen and Scott discussing the epic the Freddy vs. Jason fight that is EA vs. Zynga, complete with references to Tremors. Scott begs listeners to send him any evidence of Windows 8 being as closed as developers are worried about, while Russell and Jen discuss the “Dawnguard” DLC […]

Unlimited Ammo #42: The Answer to the Question of the Universe Hour

Unlimited Ammo

In this week’s episode, Scott Grill, Jen Bosier, Jim, Dan Tack and Max Parker run down some of the more interesting and eventful headlines of the week. They weigh in on SWTOR’s offering of a FTP mode and what this will mean for future MMOs (*cough, Elder Scrolls Online, cough*). Scott shows off his rap skills […]

Unlimited Ammo #41: The Darksiders II Hour

Darksiders II

This week, Jen welcomes special guests Adam Greene of Marooner’s Rock, Brian Ambrozy of Icrontic and Russ Pirozek of Digital Noob to discuss their experiences at the recent Darksiders II Community Event Summit. After two full days of gameplay, the group walked away with favorable opinions on combat, story and playability. LISTEN NOW: The group raves […]

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