Vita Voices: Gravity Rush

Vita Voices

Float like a butterfly, sting like a combo in Street Fighter II. Gravity Rush is unlike anything else in the Playstation world — with the exception of Gravity Daze in Japan, which is the same game but with a different name. In this episode of Vita Voices, Ewan explores the world with Kat, a cat […]

Vita Voices: Why did Sony release all the Vita games at once?

When the PS Vita launched in the US, UK, and EU, Sony released all their games in one big burst of excitement. It’s taken until now for the second wave of titles to arrive. Was that the right strategy? Ewan sits down and ponders about the reasoning behind Sony’s choice to have everything at launch, […]

Vita Voices: Piracy ignited the Memory Card pricing

vita memory card

Ewan is back after the adventures at South by Southwest, and it’s given him a chance to step back and look at everyone’s coverage of the PS Vita. Not just the main gaming sites, but the forums, message boards, comments, tweets, and Facebook updates. And something rather worrying has popped up. While everyone is complaining […]

Vita Voices: PSP or Vita at 37,000 feet?

Ewan’s annual trip to the huge Interactive, Film, and Music conference that is SXSW in Austin, TX. has left him with a tricky question: Should he trust the PS Vita to last the flight, or fall back to the older PSP? Don’t miss a single episode of Vita Voices. Use the links below to subscribe to VGW’s […]

Vita Voices: Do you really need a PS Vita review?

Vita Voices

One week later, everyone has written up their thoughts on the PS Vita across the internet, in newspapers, and even for in-flight magazines. Surely the majority of gamers have already decided if they want to purchase a Vita before now? But if everyone has already decided if they will purchase a Vita, why are we […]

Vita Voices: The Beauty of the Unboxing

ps vita 3g wifi box

Before you unwrap your shiny new Vita, or watch another unboxing video, listen to this podcast! Today, across North American and Europe, many of us are eagerly awaiting a special delivery, and looking forward to furiously opening it and playing with the hardware inside. But have you stopped to think about how important the unboxing actually […]

Vita Voices: Do we really need ‘Lumines?’

vita voices

Welcome to VGW’s third podcast series: Vita Voices! How do we best describe this show? Imagine Andy Rooney talking about the PS Vita, but with a Scottish accent, and you’re getting warm! Hosted and produced by BAFTA nominated podcaster Ewan Spence, Vita Voices promises to entertain you with logically-constructed opinions, educational banter, and all things PS Vita, […]

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