Postscript: ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ and diffusing controversy with satire

South Park

This month’s launch of South Park: The Stick of Truth surprised me. When I first read Russell Jones’ review of South Park: The Stick of Truth, I thought that Twitter would be flooded with outrage over the type of content found in the title. Now that I’ve had a chance to play it myself, I […]

Postscript: Why you may be disappointed with ‘Titanfall’


Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is an outstanding first-person shooter. The mobility and “verticality” delivered by the game’s pilots, as well as the outstanding mech-on-mech combat brought by the game’s titular Titans are the best thing that has happened to the first-person shooter genre since the advent of the killstreak in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. However, scrolling through my Twitter […]

Chaos Theory: Why I’m Still Playing ‘SimCity’


My biggest and oldest Sim city is a commuter’s worst nightmare. Sims from the university town of Ivy League curse me daily as they get into their cars and drive to their jobs in nearby casino city Lost Vegas, where the region’s only entrance stays clogged worse than pipes at the annual Plumber Olympics. Tourists […]

Postscript: The story of ‘Dishonored’


WARNING: This article may contain spoilers regarding the events and outcomes of the Dishonored story. Forge ahead at your own peril, dear readers! Dishonored was one of the RPGs I was really interested in this year. The stealth action, alternate reality fueled by whale oil, and fusion of magic and gadgetry were all things in the […]

Resident Evil 6 postscript: Dealing with Ada Wong


Resident Evil 6 was, without question, the most difficult review I’ve had this year. As a person who has invested so much into the franchise I went into the game really wanting to like it. But I walked away feeling so conflicted and unsure of what I had just experienced. For every moment of enjoyment […]

Postscript: Revisiting ‘Operation Raccoon City’

I really did dig the style of the squad

In the wake of mixed reviews of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, developer Slant Six has admitted that the feedback has been “challenging.” However, they affirm that they achieved everything Capcom asked of them, which may very well be true, if not a little disheartening. Indeed, the producer for Resident Evil: Revelations, Masachika Kawata, recently told […]

Postscript: Examining the validity of ‘Mass Effect 3′ complaints

Mass Effect 3 | VGW

As you may have seen in my review, I was extremely pleased with the way Mass Effect 3 turned out. I felt that its strong gameplay combined with its outstanding consequence-driven writing led to an unforgettable experience that rivals any game this generation. However, several people have spoken out against the trilogy-concluding title. Some of […]

Postscript: A female perspective on ‘Catherine’

In the aftermath of playing Catherine, the most common request I received from co-workers, friends and fellow VGW writers was “just tell me what it is about.” That is to say, they were looking for spoilers. Each time I explained the story of the game, I found myself finding more details that really did bother […]

Postscript: Defending Duke

Duke Nukem Forever is a case unlike anything we’ve seen in the video game industry before. In fact, I will make the assertion that the hype was undeniably insurmountable. The quality of the Duke Nukem games will be forever (heh) debated between Duke’s supporters and haters, but the fact that the excitement and anticipation surrounding […]

Postscript: Addressing the Dragon Age 2 discontent

After my Dragon Age 2 review, I felt the need to address some of the general backlash within the Dragon Age community. In fact, due in large part to comments left on the article, I was able to quantify a few of my previous statements. Please note that this discussion is probably best left to […]

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