Ask a Feminist: Flip out or chill, Quiet’s action figure


This week’s Ask a feminist: Flip out or Chill is brought to you by the kerfluffle surrounding Metal Gear Solid 5 and the recently revealed action figure for Quiet. Controversy has surrounded Quiet ever since she was first revealed as MGS5’s requisite tragic female sniper. So is her action figure worth flipping out over, or should […]

Ask a feminist: Flip out or Chill? Facebook conversations edition


This week’s Ask a feminist: Flip out or Chill is brought to you by a charming internet conversation which occurred between an unnamed female developer and Josh Mattingly of IndieStatik. The conversation first appeared on Twitter and then NeoGAF as part of an outcry for how terrible game journalists are to women. Thanks to Kotaku, […]

Top 5 improvements we want when ‘Dark Souls 2′ releases

WhitePhantom copy

After spending two days cooking, baking, cleaning and playing Donna Reed for friends and family, I had a strange desire to play Dark Souls. Since 2011 I managed to log more than 200 hours in Skyrim, but a mere 40 in Dark Souls.  After sinking 30-odd hours in over the weekend, I remember why I’m so loathe […]

Essential Gaming: Top 15 original soundtracks of the generation


As I’ve often mused, video game soundtracks have progressed immensely in the past decade. In fact, in this generation alone we’ve seen substantial headway as more and more developers seek out the best and brightest composers the industry has to offer. Deciding which soundtracks were most memorable this generation was no easy task; after all, […]

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What ‘Outlast’ and ‘Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs’ could teach the horror genre


Earlier this year, survival horror fans were quite certain that 2013 was going to be the survival horror revival we’ve been clamoring for. Over the years, the market has not only eschewed survival horror for action horror, it has apparently forgotten how to make an effective survival horror game. This fall, two titles made their debut: Outlast and Amnesia: […]

‘Disney Infinity': The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


As the parent of a small child, I watched Disney Infinity with particular interest from its initial reveal through to launch. The premise seemed like a no-brainer: Disney had seen the tremendous success Activision enjoyed with the Skylanders franchise and wanted a slice of the collectible game market pie. Having spent the past couple of […]

He Said/She Said: Narrative in ‘BioShock Infinite’


In our second installment of He Said/She Said, Jen and Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette weigh in on BioShock Infinite‘s story. It should go without saying there are heavy spoilers within, so please read no further if you haven’t finished the game or if you don’t want the end spoiled. Consider yourself warned. […]

A feminist reacts to Anita Sarkeesian’s ‘Tropes vs. Women in Video Games’


It seems an age ago that a tiny Kickstarter project helmed by a woman named Anita Sarkeesian created a whirlwind of controversy within the industry. The concept was simple: Sarkeesian, a feminist with a series of YouTube videos exploring female portrayals in various media, would create a series of videos examining video games and their […]

Halloween retrospective: The top 10 scariest horror games


In honor of Halloween right around the corner, we present to you the ten scariest games of all time. Of course, when you say “scary,” that can mean something different to everyone. Personally, I tend to go in for the psychological scares that still send a shiver down my spine years after playing a game, […]

Top 5 gameplay tips for ‘Dishonored’


If Dishonored proves nothing else, it is that gameplay is insanely versatile. You can choose to kill everything in sight or remain a ghost in the shadows. However, the city of Dunwall can be an unforgiving mistress, as your actions have a very real effect on the citizens by way of something called “Chaos.” Having finished […]

Resident Evil 6 postscript: Dealing with Ada Wong


Resident Evil 6 was, without question, the most difficult review I’ve had this year. As a person who has invested so much into the franchise I went into the game really wanting to like it. But I walked away feeling so conflicted and unsure of what I had just experienced. For every moment of enjoyment […]

Skyrim quest guide: Lost to the Ages

Bottom left, bottom right, top left, bottom middle, top right

I’ve returned to my Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shenanigans to compile a guide to an oft-overlooked yet highly enjoyable side quest in the recent Dawnguard DLC. Not only is there ample opportunity to make boatloads of cash, but you also get your choice of one of three nifty artifacts. Two words of advice before you […]

Why ‘Spec Ops: The Line’ is a must-play title


Chances are you’ve seen plenty of reviews for Spec Ops: The Line, and probably heard a few conversations about it. But you still haven’t played it. Why? Maybe you heard it was short or maybe you wanted to write it off as a generic military shooter, like so many on the market. Yes, the game […]

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