Eleven of Our Favorite Mario Power-Ups


The Mario franchise is the defining series of the video game industry, but almost as iconic as the portly plumber are the plethora of power-ups that he utilizes. While there are some constants throughout the entire collection of games, the amazing thing is that Nintendo is able to introduce new, inventive, and enjoyable power-ups in […]

Eleven amazing local multiplayer experiences from the past


The art of the local multiplayer session has been greatly overshadowed by the advent of online gaming, but there is absolutely no denying the value and the excitement that comes with playing video games side-by-side. Sure, playing splitscreen isn’t quite as awesome as enjoying the gloriousness of full-screen, but when you’re sitting on the couch […]

Eleven nostalgia-charged arcade machines from the 90s


There was a time when four quarters were worth more than a dollar. There was a time when when quarters meant an afternoon at the local arcade. That first quarter you pumped into a machine was like magic, and that magic sustained until the dreaded final quarter was spent. But it was about more than […]

Eleven great experiences this gaming generation has to offer


We already gave you eleven video game-related things upcoming generations of gamers will never experience, but that doesn’t mean this generation is all bad. In fact, this generation might just be one of the most defining as far as the future of gaming is concerned. Not only have we seen fully-realized digital marketplaces and online […]

Eleven video game-related things upcoming generations will never experience


If you’ve been gaming over the past twenty years, you’ve noticed more than a few changes in the way things work. Going beyond the obvious “the graphics look better,” there are things you don’t think of that have vanished over the past two decades. Some of these may still linger in some capacity, but newer […]

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