Top 10 most memorable licensed songs in video games

Crazy Taxi | VGW

Ever since the technological capability has existed, game developers and publishers have looked to license great songs by mainstream artists as a sort of cross-promotional way to entertain the player, while exposing them to worthwhile music. Most of the time, developers make strong choices as to what songs would fit the mood or play style […]

Musings on MAGFest 2012: Panels, Events, and Concerts

The Minibosses rock out to a small, yet enthusiastic crowd during the early hours of Saturday.

Music and gaming: Two things that I have been passionate about my entire life. While I’ve moved on from my time as a music journalist, I haven’t lost any love for the industry. While I was mainly there to cover the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tournament for my site based on that franchise, I […]

UFC on Xbox Live: User-friendly, but unusable

UFC on Xbox Live | VGW

With Xbox 360’s latest dashboard update, players were given a whole new experience outside of the gaming itself. Not only is everything more streamlined and accessible to voice controls through the Kinect, but Microsoft has partnered with several third-party companies to provide a robust application offering. From the already-established Netflix app, to the new Verizon […]

Was Holiday 2011 the greatest gaming season ever?


It’s over. We made it out alive. The greatest three-month stretch in the history of the video game industry is finally over, and the only real casualties turned out to be our wallets and social lives. Looking back, were these really the greatest months in video game history, or were they full of over-hyped and […]

Why third-party publishers on EA’s Origin shouldn’t be a surprise


When it launched, many assumed that Electronic Art’s Origin digital distribution service was simply a way for the publishing giant to sell downloads of its games without having to go through any third-party distributors such as Steam. While that certainly is a driving reason for the service’s existence, it now seems as though EA has […]

Nintendo Direct Response: No, Nintendo, what’s wrong with YOU?

In a new marketing initiative, Nintendo has begun a video line called “Nintendo Direct.” The first video features Nintendo of America President and Chief Operating Officer, Reggie Fils-Aime, speaking directly to the Nintendo audience. It pushes the notion that Nintendo has some big plans for the holiday season, including Hulu Plus service, blockbuster game releases, […]

Review Scores: The elephant in the room

Gears of War 3 is a game I’ve been very much looking forward to this entire year. I placed it near the top of my 2011 release list (right after Portal 2 and Mass Effect 3 before it was pushed to 2012), and everything I’ve seen and played (both at PAX and during the April […]

Future of Gaming: Permanence of Choice

Disclaimer: This piece contains spoilers to Heavy Rain and inFamous. You slowly open the door to the final trial, unaware of what lies beyond the dark, narrow hallway. A blinding light shines in room from a distance as you limp slowly, yet steadily towards a table within that room. You emerge from the dim passageway […]

Capcom: Developer of the Past?

I grew up loving Capcom’s games. Street Fighter II Turbo occupied so much of my time growing up, and my constant quest to find a reasonable copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for either the Playstation 2 or Xbox sucked up much of my time in college. I even remember saving all my allowance as […]

Essential Gaming: Budgeting for Holiday 2011

Gaming is an expensive habit, but this is ridiculous. You may have read my earlier piece on how crazy this November is going to be, but get this: November is just the peak of the mountain. Prior to that, you have two months of solid, big-name titles coming your way. For the sake of this […]

I don’t think you realize how crazy November 2011 will be

Alright, alright we get it. November is going to be ridiculous, we’re all going to be broke, and we should probably just spend all our vacation time that we were saving up for the holidays in November. Here’s the thing: you don’t even realize how crazy it will be. You may think you do, but, […]

Industry Buzz: The 3DS Price Cut

Every now and then, a piece of news sets the social media world ablaze. Once in a while, we gamers will get lucky and that piece of news is game-related. It’s happened in the past with the delay of Mass Effect 3, and again with the announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. When those […]

2011 Mid-Year Grades for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony

The year is a little more than half over, and while we already checked out the top games of each of the first two quarters, it’s time we look at how the heavy hitters did with their overall plans. With so many games going completely multiplatform, exclusive titles play a huge role into how well […]

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