Sunday Sidebar: Meet Alex Jordan of Apathy Works

Alex is a dark, brooding, and mysterious guy. (Not really)

Greetings visitors, and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sidebar. This week, I spent an evening chatting to Alex Jordan of Apathy Works. He’s a developer who released the popular XBLIG title Cute Things Dying Violently. His new project is something completely different altogether. Read on to find out more! Who are you and what do […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Justin Ma of Subset Games

Meet Justin Ma of Subset Games.

Greetings, one and all, and welcome to another stellar Sunday Sidebar. I do not say that in jest, for this week has me speaking to Justin Ma, co-creator of space roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light. This game is arguably the definitive indie success of the year, and is particularly noteworthy for being the first game […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Daniel Jacobsen and David Baumgart from Gaslamp Games

Daniel Jacobsen [left] and David Baumgart [right] from Gaslamp Games.

Greetings wanderer, and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sidebar. Winter’s really starting to set in, huh? Nevertheless, the Sunday Sidebar isn’t afraid of a bit of snow. This week I spent some time chatting with Daniel Jacobsen and David Baumgart, two of the guys behind Gaslamp Games, an indie developer in British Columbia. They’re pretty […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes

Meet Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes.

Greetings everyone, and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sidebar. In between gorging on myriad Thanksgiving delights, this week I caught up with Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes in The Netherlands. They’re an indie company that have been collectively working on games since 1999. Their most recent project is avian-protagonist puzzler Toki Tori 2, which […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Pat Kemp of Spry Fox

Meet Pat Kemp of Spry Fox.

Well hello there, and welcome to the next installment in your indie gaming education. Today’s class features Pat Kemp, a game designer working at Spry Fox in Seattle. Pat has had a varied and fascinating career in the games industry, having worked for numerous indies, as well as two very well-known corporations, both of which […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Alex Peake of Primer Labs

Meet Alex Peake.

Greetings all, and the indie game train makes another stop for this week’s Sunday Sidebar. This week I spoke to Alex Peake, who is the leader of Primer Labs, a company working on frankly fascinating piece of software that is part-game, part-teacher, and full of potential. Alex is a vibrant member of the ethical hacking […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Dan Tabár of Data Realms

In Daniel's other life, he's also an ace photographer.

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening depending on your particular location in time and space. Regardless, we do not discriminate here at the Sunday Sidebar. So: welcome! This week I bring to you a choice interview with none other than Dan Tabár of Data Realms, who finally released Cortex Command last month after over a decade […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Tim Keenan of Misfits Attic

Tim Keenan, and his wife Holly.

Good afternoon, world, and welcome to another stellar edition of the Sunday Sidebar. This week I spoke to Tim Keenan, of Misfits Attic. Tim has a particularly interesting background, having worked for DreamWorks before his foray into the world of independent games development. Read on to learn more about his team’s action-puzzler, A Virus Named TOM! […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Andy Moore of Radial Games

Andy works hard, and he plays hard.

Good news, everyone! This week’s Sunday Sidebar is alive and amazing as ever. I spoke to Andy Moore of Radial Games, a great company all the way out in the wind-swept climes of Vancouver Island. They’re currently working on a really interesting game called Monster Loves You. Read on to find out more! Hey, so […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Ryan Baker of Pixelscopic

Meet Ryan Baker, Vision Director at Pixelscopic.

With a sudden flash and a few sparks of electricity, I was gone from Europe and found myself in the even less familiar environs of Purdy, MO, where I got to talking with Ryan Baker of Pixelscopic. They’re currently developing their first original project, an action-RPG named Delver’s Drop. There’s a whole heap of interesting things […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Rami Ismail of Vlambeer

Meet Rami and Jan of Vlambeer.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that Fall has well and truly fallen, and Summer has been relegated to but a flickering memory from a dream of eons past. Seasons change, people change, but the Sunday Sidebar still stands strong. This week I continued my whistle-stop tour of Europe by teleporting to Utrecht in The Netherlands, […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Martin Pichlmair of Broken Rules

Meet Marin Pichlmair, co-founder of Broken Rules.

Avast ye, green sailor, and hunker your breetches as we set sail upon the seas of independent development. This week’s sidebar comes to you all the way from Vienna, Austria, a country that is in fact landlocked, rendering sea-faring impossible. However, that is one of its least interesting aspects, for this week I present to […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Jon Chey of Blue Manchu

Meet the wonderful 2D cutouts behind Card Hunter!

Australia. Land of kangaroos, dingoes, babies, and… videogames? The country has been garnering an ever-increasing reputation in recent years for its growing videogame development industry. So much so, in fact, that at this year’s PAX Prime event in Seattle, it was announced that a third PAX event shall be installing itself in the land down […]

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