The Girl’s Got Game: Female Let’s Play-ers of Note

Player Girl

The popularity of “Let’s Play” streams on Twitch or YouTube videos has exploded in the last few years. It’s not hard to understand why; LPs, especially those live on Twitch, provide the vicarious experience of playing a game (sometimes new and unfamiliar) and being part of a like-minded community. Add to the mix a skilled, […]

Interview with ‘Infamous Second Son’ composer Marc Canham


    The nomination of Autin Wintory’s Journey score for a Grammy marked the coming of age–or, at least, critical recognition–of video game music as a serious musical art form. It’s not surprising: recent scores by Wintory and many other composers have demonstrated musical sophistication and techniques as advanced is those of any Hollywood film, and many […]

‘Dead Man’s Trail’ and a conversation with Chris Totten


Zombies are always awesome, right? This line of thinking has predominated popular culture ever since The Walking Dead first made a colossal splash on AMC, and it seems like you can’t throw a stone right now without hitting a newly announced zombie game or movie. However, indie developer Pie For Breakfast Studios is looking to […]

D3Publisher interview with Joe Fletcher on ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’, free-to-play


No two phrases seem to raise the ire of gaming consumers more than “free-to-play” and “licensed title.” Perhaps operant conditioning is to blame. The over-use of microtransactions and a procession of ofttimes terrible games in the last half-decade would be more than enough to make any gamer flinch in rage at the mere mention of either […]

rePLAY: A Symphony of Heroes to deliver a definitive gaming music experience


Take the “hero’s journey” as described by Joseph Campbell, incredible music from over fourteen video games, plus the talents of orchestral musicians, and you have rePLAY: A Symphony of Heroes, a new concert program developed by Jason Michael Paul. Billed as a “spiritual successor” to “Play! A Video Game Symphony,” Paul’s newest spectacle combines HD […]

Interview: Austin Wintory, composer (The Banner Saga, Journey)


It’s hard to point to a single watershed moment, but sometime in the last five years video game scores and the composers who write them shed whatever lingering doubts there were about the musical and expressive legitimacy of the art form. Maybe it was the thousands of people who came to sold-out symphony concerts of […]

Steve Gaynor on life after ‘Gone Home’


Steve Gaynor started his career in game design as a QA tester for Sony, before moving to level design (for F.E.A.R.) at TimeGate Studios. He later worked for Irrational and 2K Marin as a level designer on BioShock 2, Minerva’s Den, and BioShock Infinite. In 2012, Gaynor formed independent game studio The Fullbright Company along with […]

‘GamersOnline’ Interview with Thomas Lah

Gamers Online

Earlier this month VGW’s Dan Tunnicliffe spoke to Thomas Lah, founder and CEO of GamersOnline Inc., about its ambitious digital streaming project that aims to deliver high-end streamed games directly onto smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets. One of the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about GamersOnline is a similar service provided by […]

Is our fixation on nostalgia discouraging innovation?


Whether you’re buying an American sports car or picking up the latest release from Nintendo, you’re bound to have noticed a trend in the product you receive. While innovation and new technology seem to be at the forefront of each press conference and media release, the persistent tone of nostalgia lingers at every corner. It’s […]

An interview with ‘The Long Dark’s Raphael van Lierop


The post-disaster survival simulation is perhaps one of the most saturated genres in video games today. With a host of critically and commercially successful  titles from The Last of Us to The Walking Dead,  developers run the risk of releasing a game into a market plagued with copycats,  often destined to be unfairly overlooked. The […]

Operation Supply Drop lets you donate games to active duty soldiers


Military gaming non-profit Operation Supply Drop was designed to build video game care packages (called “supply drops”) and send them to soldiers deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals. On Veteran’s Day, they began a crowdfunding effort to supply next generation consoles to twelve field locations and a handful of recovery facilities. Founded […]

Awesomenauts’ Return Battle: An Interview with Romino Games’ Robin Meijer


Awesomenauts is the game you get when the MOBA genre is thrown in a blender with a 2D platformer and an aesthetic homage to the campy action cartoons of the late 80s . Originally released by Dutch game developer Romino Games in 2012 for PC, Playstation 3, and 360, Awesomenauts has won over hearts and […]

Getting Past the Original 151: A Pokemon Pilgrimage


Pokémon Red/Blue remains one of my most favorite games of all time. If I had to list my top 5 games ever, it’d be right alongside classic titles like Final Fantasy X, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario World, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. While my love affair with the Pokémon franchise was intense, it was […]

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