Gaming outside the box: expanding next-gen games through companion content


I’ve previously discussed the novelty of “Paper Trail,” a free batch of Infamous: Second Son DLC that engages players inside the game and out by way of browser-based investigative sessions. It’s a smart source of variety for the otherwise formulaic Second Son, but much more interesting is how it fits into the new trend of interacting with our games outside of […]

‘Twas the night before next-gen: The PS4 and Xbox One approach


This week brings with it the release of PlayStation 4, and next week, Xbox One. While these aren’t technically the inaugural systems of the eighth console generation, they are the first powerhouse systems that truly distinguish their games from those of their predecessors. Though PC gamers can and will make the argument that these platforms […]

3 new things ‘Titanfall’ brings to the FPS genre


Arguably the most popular video game genre aside from strategy titles like League of Legends or Starcraft, first person shooters have seen a number of innovations since DOOM first released in 1993. GoldenEye had us fragging our friends in our living rooms, Halo 2 changed the way that console gamers played against each other, and Call of […]

It’s Not Like It Used to Be: The New-Age Multiplayer Dilemma


The current landscape of the gaming industry isn’t one to be boastful of. In fact, in some cases, it’s downright disturbing. This is the time of the year where we should be anticipating the fall lineup of software and hardware releases, but instead we are facing, what seems like, daily reports of harassment, aversion and […]

The Future of Gaming: The Evolution of the Companion

BioShock Infinite

Perhaps the biggest mainstay throughout this lengthy console generation has been the companion mechanic. This element has also been one of the most troubling features to master during this same span of time, however, as we’ve often times witnessed companions becoming nuisances, rather than the assets their developers originally designed them to be. Whether it’s […]

The Next-Gen Open HDMI Port Conundrum


Over the past few months, Sony and Microsoft have done their best to introduce their next-gen consoles to gamers around the globe. Sony got in early with its PS4 reveal in February, and Microsoft dropped its Xbox One reveal in May. Both of the console giants also made waves at E3 by revealing game lineups, […]

The waiting game: spoiled by the next generation before it’s arrived

Not to imply that the models aren't amazing, mind you.

It’s Summer 2013. I’ve got few complaints, aside from the heat. Summer sales are going strong; between Steam, GOG.com, and PlayStation Plus, I’ve acquired 10 or so games in the last month. I’m overwhelmed by options, and realistically, I won’t have time to play them all. How could I possibly be left wanting? The answer, […]

E3 2013, Day 1: A good day to be a gamer

Stills just cannot do Mirror's Edge 2 justice.

For plenty of gamers, myself included, E3 is an event to look forward to all year; a fact that is especially true any year when new consoles are expected to make a debut. This year, I was indisputably excited to find out about these new powerhouses and the cool new games they would launch. As […]

The Future of Gaming: Return of the Expansion Pak?


With E3 2013 right around the corner, the stage is set for a serious showdown between the PlayStation and Xbox. While Sony has already revealed the PlayStation 4’s’ basic features and Microsoft is set to announce more on the next Xbox tomorrow, a lot of specs and system capabilities remain unknown for players heading into the […]

The Future of Gaming: PlayStation 4 Pros

PlayStation 4

Sony unveiled the PS4 at a press event on February 20, and while it boasted impressive visuals and some top-notch internal specs, one of the most awe-inspiring reveals was its revamped network capabilities. One of the system’s new online features stuck out in particular as an ingenious idea that could lead to a whole new […]

The Future of Gaming: The Evolution of Quick Time Events


The quick time event gameplay mechanic burst onto the scene in its current form in 1999 with Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue for the Sega Dreamcast. Suzuki is credited with coining the term “quick time event,” but he likely had no idea what this context-sensitive gameplay device would ultimately morph into. The original God of War may […]

Fun isn’t exclusive: Gamers Against Bigotry and the quest for inclusive gaming


Play a game online, and chances are at some point you’ll hear a stream of racist, homophobic, or sexist remarks aimed at yourself or one of your peers. It’s an ugly side of our community, but, thanks to an extremely vocal minority, it’s also an uncomfortably prevalent one. Sadly, this vitriolic hate speech is often […]

The Future of Gaming: Tracing the Evolution of Innovation

PlayStation 4

On February 20, 2013, Sony invited the world to take a look at the future of gaming and the worst kept secret in modern entertainment since Solid Snake told all his buddies about the time Otacon wet himself: the PlayStation 4. With the Share button and social media innovations of the PlayStation 4 being brought […]

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