EA shutting down servers for 50 games

Battlefield 1942

EA has announced that due to GameSpy’s online hosting services being taken offline, the company will shutter the online services for 50 titles in June.  GameSpy announced that it would be taking its online service offline last month, and since that time publishers have been scrambling to find new avenues to keep their games connected […]

Nintendo closing online multiplayer for Wii, DS


Nintendo has announced it will be closing the online multiplayer services for its Wii and DS family of systems on May 20. The announcement comes as Nintendo states the company will now begin focusing on making its Wii U and 3DS online multiplayer services ready for the launches of “upcoming games such as Mario Kart 8 and Super […]

Nintendo financial forecast predicts losses, low Wii U sales


Nintendo predicts it will see an operating loss of an estimated 35 billion yen ($335 million US) by the end of its fiscal year on March 31. The company released its sale forecasts on Friday that shows sales did not meet expectations during the previous holiday season. They initially expected to post a profit of […]

Wii RPG ‘Pandora’s Tower’ is finally coming to North America


XSEED Games announced today, nearly one year after the game’s release in Europe and Australia, that Pandora’s Tower will finally be making its way to North America. The action-RPG title is probably best known for being one of the three games Wii titles fans clamored to be released stateside along with The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles. We got […]

$99 Wii Mini coming exclusively to Canada on December 7th


Nintendo was quick to confirm the new Wii remodel, aptly-titled the Wii Mini, after a Best Buy ad leaked the news earlier today. In a surprising turn of events, however, the Wii Mini will be exclusive to Canada, launching on December 7th for $99. Oh, and one other thing: it doesn’t support GameCube backwards-compatibility, like […]

Ubisoft secures rights for “Gangnam Style” ‘Just Dance 4′ DLC


Ubisoft has just announced that they’ve secured the rights to “Gangnam Style” and will be releasing it as DLC for Just Dance 4 this November. Though a concrete date and pricing has not been revealed, they say it will be similar in price to previous Just Dance DLC songs. In case you’ve forgotten the unarguably catchy tune, here […]

Rock Band celebrates 5 year anniversary with sale for more than 1,100 DLC tracks

rock band albums

Many things have changed since Rock Band’s release back in 2007, but Harmonix’s original DLC plan is definitely not one of them. Their unwavering dedication to weekly DLC has almost single-handedly kept the rhythm game genre alive, and has now surpassed over 3,900 total songs through official DLC releases and their efforts in the community-fueled Rock […]

Before Wii U: The Top 30 Nintendo Wii Games


With Nintendo’s Wii U on the horizon, players have undoubtedly noticed the slowdown of releases for the console’s predecessor, the Wii. Aside from three games that had to be semi-successfully petitioned to be brought to the United States, the Wii’s last true meaningful releases came at the end of 2011 with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward […]

Rock Band World Facebook app unveiled, integrated hub for ‘Rock Band 3′ and ‘Rock Band Blitz’

Rock Band World

In preparation for Tuesday’s release of Rock Band Blitz, Harmonix has announced a new Facebook app called Rock Band World. The app is designed as the ultimate score tracker, pulling together your stats from Rock Band 3 as well as your performances-to-come from Rock Band Blitz. The score tracker in Rock Band World is incredibly deep, listing just about […]

Review: Project Zero 2: Wii Edition


The Project Zero series, or Fatal Frame in North America, is considered by critics and fans to contain some of the most innovative and well-written horror games of all time, and Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is no exception. Heralded by many as being the scariest game in the history of the genre, it stands […]

EA keeps ‘Madden NFL’ exclusivity but loses NCAA and Arena Football

Somewhere, EA executives and lawyers are having a good laugh when they say, "And we told them we would be more than willing to give up the Arena Football license!"

Proof that the only winners in a class-action lawsuit are the lawyers came once again on Friday when Electronic Arts settled a lawsuit brought against it for allegedly violating antitrust laws. As part of the settlement, EA will not only have to give up to a whole $6.79 to some consumers but will also give […]

‘The Last Story’ hits shelves on August 14, now with preorder bonus


XSEED Games officially announced The Last Story‘s release date today on Twitter, and it’s not July as originally speculated by retailers and fans. Though the game won’t be out until August 14th, just barely squeaking it in to the summer release window, XSEED has revealed an extra bonus for preorders. Anyone who preorders the game will […]

Nintendo to unify logins for Wii U and 3DS, no Wii U at ComicCon


According to a new Nintendo World Online report, Nintendo will be introducing a “unified account system” with the launch of the Wii U. Gamers will no longer need a unique, separate login for each system they own. Nintendo’s Customer Service Representative, David Marshall, said: “A unified account system will be implemented later this year with […]

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