Review: A City Sleeps


I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep. Release Date: October 16, 2014 Genre: Shoot Em Up, Bullet Hell Platform: PC, OSX Developer: Harmonix Publisher: Harmonix ESRB E for Everyone MSRP: $14.99 In search of smaller projects and a change of pace, Harmonix has moved past plastic instruments and into the realm […]

Telltale announces ‘Walking Dead Season 2′ Episode 4 release dates


Today, Telltale Games officially announced the staggered release dates for ‘Amid the Ruins’ the fourth episode of the popular Walking Dead game. After a few images teasing the new episode last week, today we were given a full trailer as well as the news that Episode 4 will be playable next week. Starting on July […]

‘The Wolf Among Us’ Season Finale Rolling Out July 8


Telltale Games announced Thursday that Episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us – the final episode of the season – is coming next week, starting July 8th. Titled “Cry Wolf,” the episode picks up where Episode 4 left off. After following a long trail of murder and conspiracy, Bigby Wolf finally confronts the Crooked Man, the […]

Crytek to fight oppression in 2015 with ‘Homefront 2′


Deep Silver and Crytek have announced the sequel to 2011’s Homefront, named Homefront: The Revolution, which will be an open-world FPS. Pushing the story from the first title forward to the year 2029, the story continues on from the occupation of the United states by North Korea. Set in Philadelphia, you play a freedom fighter, […]

Steam In-Home Streaming is out of beta

steam 1

Valve has announced that Steam’s In-Home Streaming feature is now available for the general public to use. The service allows PC gamers to stream games from a high-end rig to any other computer on the same network.  In order to do this, simply log into your Steam account on two separate computers that are connected […]

EA shutting down servers for 50 games

Battlefield 1942

EA has announced that due to GameSpy’s online hosting services being taken offline, the company will shutter the online services for 50 titles in June.  GameSpy announced that it would be taking its online service offline last month, and since that time publishers have been scrambling to find new avenues to keep their games connected […]

Multiplayer coming to ‘Don’t Starve’

Don't Starve FI

Indie developer Klei Entertainment’s survival game Don’t Starve is set to receive a free multiplayer update late this summer.  According to a forum post on Kiel Entertainment’s website, the decision to add multiplayer to Don’t Starve was a controversial issue. Early on in the game’s development, the team stated that they wanted Don’t Starve to […]

“Craglorn,” first ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ update, revealed

Craglorn 2

Zenimax and Bethesda released details Monday about their first upcoming content release for Elder Scrolls Online, called “Craglorn.” This adventure zone will include new veteran-ranked gameplay, including exploration and new dungeons intended to test 4-player and 12-player groups. The central story will focus on missing constellations connected to Celestial figures familiar to Elder Scrolls veterans: […]

‘SimCity’ finally goes offline, but the damage has been done


SimCity Does What Everyone Asked For, A Year Later. More than a year ago, EA released SimCity for the PC, through Origin. The game itself was rough around the edges, like any game with scope nowadays, and the vitriol of the entire gaming internet community was focused on the always-online piracy deterrent, provided by the […]

Obsidian teams up with Paradox for ‘Pillars of Eternity’

Pillars of Eternity FI

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas and the recently released South Park: Stick of Truth is partnering up with Paradox Interactive, the developer/publishing studio behind Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 for the upcoming RPG Pillars of Eternity.  For those of you with good memories, you’ll remember that Pillars of Eternity was […]

Blizzard flips the switch on ‘Hearthstone’

Hearthstone release

Blizzard’s digital card game Hearthstone roared onto the scene as it went through closed and open betas, so it was surprising when the developer of World of Warcraft suddenly announced Tuesday the game was in full release without a lot of fanfare. The Hearthstone team made the announcement on their blog that the beta had concluded for the Americas […]

Vlambeer’s ‘Luftrausers’ takes to the skies on March 18

Luftrausers FI

Netherlands-based developer Vlambeer, the creator of Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne, has announced Luftrausers, its aerial dogfighting simulator will launch on March 18 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux. Gamers can head over to Steam or humblebundle.com to nab a pre-order of Luftrausers for 10% off of the $9.99 asking price. Pilots […]

‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2′ available next week


Telltale Games has released a new trailer for “Smoke & Mirrors,” the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, the adventure title based on the Bill Willingham comic series Fables, to which the game is a prequel. Trust and deception will play a role as “Smoke & Mirrors” introduces protagonist Bigby Wolf to new mysteries […]

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