Demo Impressions: Bodycount

Bodycount is an upcoming first-person shooter that releases at the end of this month. Why am I starting this piece so bluntly? Because there has been nearly zero publicity or hype for this game. Maybe it’s thanks to the impending gamepocalypse of this holiday season, or maybe it’s the fact that Codemasters hasn’t done anything […]

Demo Impressions: Tropico 4

The Tropico series has always struck a particular chord within me. The first game pulled me in from the start because it compelled you to pick a character that not only had strengths, but also weaknesses. I soon fell into the complicated world, building my own little slice of paradise. The release of Tropico 3 was a […]

Demo Impressions: Madden NFL 12

With the arrival of August, a few things are inevitable: school buses back on the roads, the waning days of summer heat and, without question, a new edition of the Madden series. Madden NFL 12 arrives on August 30 – if you’re a fan, you’ve probably already asked for vacation – and the demo is […]

Demo Impressions: Driver: San Francisco

I have had a long relationship with the Driver franchise; one I’ve somewhat taken for granted. Starting straight from the original on PC, Driver has always been a very present force in my life. Before Grand Theft Auto went 3D, it was Driver that first captured my imagination. It gave a young version of me some very interesting thoughts […]

Demo Impressions: Catherine

Catherine has been one of the most intriguing games to me this year for a variety of reasons. Chief among these reasons is the utter inability to describe what, exactly, the game is. Sure it’s billed as a puzzler, relationship horror game, but what does that mean exactly? Fortunately, the demo released today, July 12, and after […]

Demo Impressions: ‘El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron’

Developer Ignition Entertainment recently released the demo for the upcoming platforming brawler, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The game, which is lead by Devil May Cry character designer, Takeyasu Sawaki, puts the player in the role of Enoch; a scribe who is tasked with finding seven fallen angels and preventing a great world-wide flood. The […]

Demo Impressions: ‘Dungeon Siege III’

The demo for Dungeon Siege III, the latest installment to the classic PC dungeon crawler, released today, May 31, 2011, and I can safely say Obsidian and Square Enix have offered one heck of a demo. Sprawling over an hour of gameplay, the demo allows players a bite-sized preview of what is in store for […]

Demo Impressions: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s easy to argue that the Lego franchise is running the risk of overexposure. Lego Universe. Three iterations of Lego Star Wars (including one only last month). Two Indiana Jones games. Batman. Rock Band. Battles. Harry Potter. Each released on every imaginable platform. With the release this week of the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean […]

Hands-On Preview: Red Faction: Armageddon

After a very successful re-imagining of the series with Red Faction: Guerrilla, Volition looks to use Red Faction: Armageddon as a vessel in which to take the franchise’s gameplay and storytelling elements several steps forward. After having some hands-on time with the game at PAX East and playing through the console demo, there is no […]

Demo Impressions: Major League Baseball 2K11

It has not been a good half-decade years for 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball series. After securing exclusive multiplatform rights to the MLB license, each release has suffered from a one-step-forward, two-steps-back sense of never getting everything quite right. At the same time, the PS3-exclusive MLB: The Show has shown continued polish year-over-year and represents […]

Demo Impressions: Dragon Age II

Let it never be said that I did not enjoy BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins. Having beaten the game (and subsequent DLCs and expansions) with every possible race/sex/class, you might say I was a fan. So, naturally, I have spent as much time as humanly possible with the recently released Dragon Age II demo.

DC Universe Online: Impressions from an MMO Virgin

Editor’s Note: These are brief impressions based on several hours of playtime in the Beta version and the comments aren’t reflective of the final retail product. Stay tuned for our full review and continuing coverage later this month! My first and last brush with an MMO was five years ago – an eternity in the […]

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