New ‘Gears of War 3′ DLC: Take a tour of Fenix Rising’s maps, features


The third major add-on DLC hits Microsoft and Epic’s Gears of War 3 today, bringing with it 5 new multiplayer maps. “Fenix Rising” — inspired by the experiences of Marcus Fenix in the Gears canon — also ushers in a new experience system similar to Call of Duty’s “Prestige Mode.” Players can now progress through […]

‘Max Payne 3′ delayed into May 2012

Max Payne 3 | VGW

We weren’t even sure how much life this game still had in it after numerous delays and fallings off of the radar, but Rockstar Games had finally set its Max Payne 3 release date for March 6th, 2012. With that date growing nearer, however, the makers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption have […]

‘Dead Island’ Ryder White DLC coming February 1st

Expect guns, blood, gore and sunshine.

Dead Island‘s baddie-in-chief will take the spotlight and be player-controlled for the first time in his own self-titled downloadable content entry to Techland’s zombie adventure title, due out at the start of next month. Sporting the catchy title of ‘Ryder White’, the eponymous anti-hero is set to have his back story fleshed out and the […]

Microsoft denies any “loophole” in Xbox.com’s security

Xbox Live | VGW

It may feel like you’re listening to a broken record, but no, this is actually a new report; Microsoft is again insisting that the recent security issues aren’t their fault. While nearly every video game-related website has received numerous emails regarding the hacking of Xbox Live gamertags, the corporate giant continues to claim no responsibility […]

Xbox Live account hacking may be sourced to Xbox.com


After we received an email a few weeks back, VGW broke a story about an Xbox Live member who went through some serious hell thanks to his Xbox Live account being hijacked. While Microsoft did not acknowledge the issue, several other outlets picked up the story as more and more reports of hijacked accounts started […]

‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ goes goth in new trailer


So far, all that’s been revealed of Lollipop Chainsaw‘s characters has been a slew of nondescript zombie students and the titular chainsaw-wielding cheerleader Juliet. That all changes in the game’s newest trailer with the reveal of Swan, the black lipstick-wearing antagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw who appears to have his hopes set on world domination. You […]

Demo Impressions: ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2′

mog ffxiii-2

The release of Final Fantasy XIII was, for the most part, a positive one, but many players still felt there was a lot to be desired from the title. The lack of exploration and other major staples of the series prevented it from reaching the level of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII. Square has […]

‘Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’ demo hits Xbox Live next week

Could Kingdoms be EA's next fantasy RPG hope after Dragon Age 2 was such a disappointment?

Larry Hyrb has announced via his Major Nelson blog this morning that the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo will hit the Xbox marketplace on January 17. That’s next Tuesday, fact fans. As yet there is no announcement for if or when the demo will release for PS3 or PC. The action RPG has been in […]

Layoffs hit id following ‘Rage’ release

Dom 4 still coming

Bethesda Softworks yesterday confirmed the tweet-delivered news from 3D artist Adam Bromell, that id Software had begun laying off a number of its team. With a business-like, clinical assessment of the events, Bethesda Softworks clarified the details thus: “As part of its standard business practice, id regularly evaluates staffing to ensure it has a workforce that […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ details and screens invade our mind

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Command Center

Fans of Mindprose’s original X-COM games were understandably excited when 2K Games announced last week that the Civilization developerment studio, Firaxis Games, was bringing back the the XCOM franchise and staying true to the real-time strategic and turn-based tactical formula. New details and the first screenshots of XCOM: Enemy Unknown touched down on Monday and have begun to make […]

‘Modern Warfare 3′ dropping DLC piecemeal over next 9 months

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Liberation

Activision revealed its drip-drop DLC plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday. Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers can expect to see “at least” 20 new DLC drops over the next nine months with non-premium members getting these individual drops bundled together. Naturally, the Xbox 360 version of the popular shooter gets […]

‘Homefront: Ultimate Edition’ coming early this spring

Homefront | VGW

You remember Homefront, right? What was supposed to be the next evolution in single player and multiplayer first-person shooters, ended up falling flat on both fronts and disappointing nearly everyone. Much to everyone’s surprise, THQ announced that the Homefront franchise would, in fact, continue despite the critical bashing and fan disappointment. In yet another surprise, […]

‘Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition’ announced for February release

Mortal Kombat | VGW

After Mortal Kombat took home VGW’s awards for best fighting game and best surprise of 2011, as well as various awards from other sites, it was only a matter of time before a Game of the Year-type of re-release was announced. Today, Warner Bros. announced the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. Rather than going the Capcom […]

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