‘Cherry Tree High Comedy Club’ now available on Steam

cherry2 300x225 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club now available on SteamNyu Media’s “slice of life” adventure game, Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, is finally available on Steam. The game launched on PCs six months ago, but the Steam version touts improved text and graphics, fixing a few minor bugs and making other improvements to the original.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a light hearted – you guessed it – comedy featuring high schooler Miley Verisse, a girl who just wants to form her own comedy club. How hard could that be? Pretty difficult, apparently, considering her nemesis and school council head Octavia Richmond will do anything to stop her. Players control Miley as she takes on the task to find the requisite three members for her club before the end of school break. In order to meet her goal, players will need to build up conversational skills in 12 different topics, including romance, cooking, and, of course, video games. The localization was done by Tezuka Productions, the folks behind the stellar Ace Attorney localizations, so expect tons of high-quality, humorous dialogue.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club will set you back $7.99. Those interested but not ready to commit may do well to try the free demo
available on the game’s official home page.

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