‘Code Hero’ lead posts apology, plans for updates on Kickstarter

code hero world 300x174 Code Hero lead posts apology, plans for updates on Kickstarter

More bad news came this weekend for those who’ve been following the rocky road of Kickstarter-fundedĀ Code Hero. Primer Labs head Alex Peake posted a big update with an apology to backers, saying the game has both run out of the money they raised through Kickstarter and failed to drum up new investors to keep the cash coming.

Because of that Peake says development on the game, which is intended to teach people how to code and create their own games, has slowed significantly. He says only a handful of volunteers remain to work on the project, which has no determined release date due to the delays. They also released a second alpha update up the game, and lay out a plan for keeping backers more informed on their progress.

Peake said the main reasons for the delays which caused the money to run out were the indie studio’s inexperience and overly-ambitious designs for the project.

“I… bear chief responsibility for the whole of the project,” he said. “Everyone on the team worked incredibly hard and did terrific work, and I’m proud of what we accomplished and I am responsible for not leading the team better and correcting our course early enough to narrow the scope and get a good game done with what we had instead of holding on to the original plan about what the game needed to be.”

There has been criticism for Primer Labs’ lack of communication with backers, some of whom threatened legal action as a way of kicking (no pun intended) the developer into action. One sticking point was the studio’s decision to spend money creating a demo for PAX and traveling there to feature it. Peake defended the decision, saying it was important to get its name out there and gather feedback from the people who saw it.

VGW’s Christopher Floyd spoke to Peake at PAX, and you can find his interview here.

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  1. The problem isn’t communication, it’s that this guys has an immature attitude and isn’t acting like an adult. He should have figured out what it would take to finish it before asking people for money!

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