CoreOnline streams Square Enix games to your browser

Square Enix announced their new streaming game service, CoreOnline, which will allow you play ” popular, console quality games” on your browser. The support browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer  “via a combination of Google and Square Enix’s proprietary technology … COREONLINE is easy to use, allowing players to click on a level and start playing instantly, and giving them the ability to start from any part of the game they wish.” Core Online 610x399 CoreOnline streams Square Enix games to your browser

Games will be available for free, though users will have to watch an advertisement prior to playing. Similar to other such streaming services, users may bypass this advertisement system by purchasing levels and games. For instance, to purchase the entirety of Hitman: Blood Money, it’ll set back your Google Wallet a whopping $4.99. The cloud system will also manage saves and accomplishments.

Currently only Hitman: Blood MoneyMini Ninjas, and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light are available via the service, though the press release says that Tomb Raider: Underworld and Gyromancer will be coming to the service this fall.

You can check out CoreOnline’s beta site here.

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  1. Actually, Lara Croft isn’t available yet. It does not “play instantly” as the game still has to be streamed to the computer and level loads. The computer must be able to run the game as well.

    I kept being forced to restart a video because I recieved chat mesage that outfocus the browser and restart any ads. This could be a nice platform to try games in the future, but right now I really don’t see and feel anything that is close to a good gaming experience from playing in a browser frame. It also took me about 200 MB of data just trying to load the first level Hitman 3 times (with failure each time)

  2. I tried as well, purchasing the unlocks for all levels of Hitman, when it failed to work I tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, and a custom build of Firefox called “Blue Moon”. All failed to produce results even after reinstalling the plug-in many times. I submitted many tickets with error details and requested advise, while they made it super easy to give them my money, it would appear they don’t find it super easy to reply or assist those who trustfully spend money on their poorly conceived idea.
    My advise is to stay as far away from this service as you can, it’s not worth the time it takes to sign up.
    Lawrence S.

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