Crossover dream ‘Project X Zone’ coming west this summer

PXZ3 300x180 Crossover dream Project X Zone coming west this summerWe all thought it couldn’t be localized, but Namco Bandai have done the unthinkable: they’ve announced that they will be releasing Project X Zone for the 3DS in North America and Europe this summer. The crossover dream game sees Namco, Capcom, and SEGA collaborating to bring over 50 characters from fan-favorite series all together under one strategy RPG roof.

The sheer amount of different properties involved, which includes many characters from games never released outside of Japan, caused many to believe that the game would never see the light of day outside of the land of the rising sun, making this exciting news indeed. Namco Bandai has confirmed that in order to save resources they will not be providing an English dub for the game, meaning all of the voiced dialogue will be in Japanese, but otherwise the game will be fully in English.

PXZ4 Crossover dream Project X Zone coming west this summer

So, just who makes an appearance in Project X Zone? Mega Man fans will be thrilled to see X and Zero, especially considering the lack of truly new Mega Man titles, while Valkyria Chronicles fans will catch a glimpse of what they’re missing from the still-not-localized Valkyria Chronicles 3 with character appearances from the game. Old white-haired Dante of Devil May Cry is in on the fun, as well as Jin and Xiaoyu from Tekken and Chris and Jill from Resident Evil. Rather than being a straight-up brawler like most would expect, Project X Zone is a strategy RPG with some fast combat portions that let players input a series of commands for some seriously-awesome crossover combos.

For now, the only screenshots available are from the Japanese version, but we’ll be sure to see the localized version from Namco Bandai soon. Check out that awesome sprite work!

PXZ1 Crossover dream Project X Zone coming west this summer

[via Destructiod]

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