‘DayZ’ standalone closed test imminent, UI inspired by ‘Minecraft’

The year 2012 ended without a mention of the release of the standalone version of DayZ. Design lead Dean “Rocket” Hall remedied that Monday with a status update on where the conversion from the ArmA II mod to full-fledged PC release stands along with new a set of new images.

Hall and his team at Bohemia Interactive will start a closed beta test for DayZ very soon; “Imminently” is the word used the game designer used as a matter of fact.  The test will be open to approximately 500 – 1,000 participants until the developers are comfortable enough to release it to the public.

So why did DayZ miss the planned end of 2012 planned release? It appears that the team kept finding new ways to make the game better and move it from being a simple port of a mod to its own executable. Some of the interesting new features listed include a completely new inventory system where items are tracked individually. That means items can wear down and the shirt that someone gives you as a good will gesture may actually be infected by cholera. Another example given is shooting and destroying another player’s night-vision goggles while they are still sitting on his head.

Another interesting change is to the user interface where Hall says he took inspiration from Mojang’s Minecraft to make something “simple and effective, rather than flashy and complex.”

If there is one area of the DayZ standalone project that has been hampered it is with the map redesigns. Ivan Buchta, the lead architect for the Chenarus map, is still sitting in a Greece prison stemming from espionage charges during a visit to the country last September along with Martin Pezlar. Stunningly, Hall says that Buchta he has been able to provide “input and insight into the development of the map” through letters.

You can check out the latest screenshots from DayZ standalone below. You’ll notice that clothing is now unisex and some of the new textures being used for the indoor environments to give everything a post-apocalypse feel.

[Via: DayZ Tumblr]


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