‘Demon’s Souls’ returns on the PSN next week

 Demons Souls returns on the PSN next weekrecent announcement for the upcoming Dark Souls II assured us that Atlus’ challenging RPG series still has plenty of steam, and left us dying to hack and slash our way through ravenous hordes all over again. Today, the Souls train shows no signs of stopping; Atlus announced today that the original masterpiece Demon’s Souls is making its way in downloadable form to the PSN.

To commemorate the game relaunching on January 8, Atlus will be hosting a World Tendency Event for the week of January 8 through January 14. During the week, the World Tendency in Demon’s Souls games will be set to Pure White, opening hidden pathways, NPCs, and changing drop rates on items.

For those unfamiliar with World Tendency in Demon’s Souls, it is an overall condition of the game world based on the player’s actions, successes, and mishaps. Defeating bosses, dying, and killing NPCs are some of the factors that will adjust the world tendency, which in turn affects the game conditions. In the case of Pure White tendency, for example, healing items will drop more frequently, while upgrade stones will drop less. Monsters will also be easier to kill when the World Tendency is Pure White.

Through this event, all players— especially new characters— will be given a small advantage against the game’s many challenges. It’s a great way to get acclimated to a great-but-difficult game. If you haven’t played Demon’s Souls, or if you’re an old hand looking to rejoin the fight, look for it on the PSN on January 8, where it will launch at $19.99.

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