Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson wins ‘Madden NFL 13′ cover vote

Madden NFL 13 cover 228x300 Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson wins Madden NFL 13 cover vote

Johnson holding an unofficial mock-up of the Madden NFL 13 cover

With 64 players entering the Madden NFL 13 tournament to determine the cover athlete of this years iteration of the popular football franchise, yesterday saw the final two players standing in Times Square on the eve of the 2012 NFL Draft for the big unveiling. During a live broadcast of ESPN’s SportsNation, Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, and Calvin Johnson, wide receiver of the Detroit Lions, anxiously counted down to the reveal.

When the clock reached zero, EA Sports and ESPN revealed that Johnson had beaten out Newton in the championship of the multi-week tournament. Johnson was very appreciative of the fans in his reaction to the news. “Knowing that millions of fans took part in the campaign, and to be the one they selected to appear on the cover of the game they play every day is an honor,” he said. “To make it this far, and to beat out guys like Cam and Aaron Rodgers, a Super Bowl winning quarterback, it’s surreal to say the least. Much love to all the fans who voted for me.”

Following the success of last year’s brackets, which saw the Cleveland Browns’ running back Peyton Hillis beating out the Philadelphia Eagles’ controversial quarterback Mike Vick in finals, and the success of this year’s bracket, it’s inevitable that EA Sports will continue to put the final cover decisions in the hands of fans. Madden NFL 13 is set to launch on consoles, as well as the PlayStation Vita on August 28, 2012.

noname Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson wins Madden NFL 13 cover vote

Following the news, Calvin Johnson spent the next 90 minutes in a photoshoot in front of fans. One of the photos taken in this session will be used for the game's final cover.

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