Developer’s ‘Modern Warfare 3′ dedicated servers tutorial covers the basics

PC gamers are hotly anticipating the release of Modern Warfare 3, but their console brethren have received a bit of a head start on the action. Modern Warfare 3 is undoubtedly pre-loaded on millions of PCs at the moment, and there are just a few hours left until it is unlocked for the masses. However, Sledgehammer’s inclusion of dedicated servers makes the wait more bearable for the PC crowd. The big draw of dedicated servers isn’t just the better connection speeds compared to P2P connections, but the wealth of customizable options creates an ideal arena for different play styles. The other draw toward Modern Warfare 3’s dedicated servers is that they are not held by a third-party host.

 Developers Modern Warfare 3 dedicated servers tutorial covers the basics

Sledgehammer covers the basics of DS hosting.

There are some PC gamers that have been running dedicated servers for years, but Modern Warfare 3 is the type of game that draws in an unprecedented array of gamers of various experience levels. In order to usher in the new generation of server admins, Sledgehammer has published the first part of a dedicated server tutorial series. The first in the series covers the basics from hosting, setting up and joining a dedicated server. Essentially, admins set up recipes that cover map and game type rotation and whatever other odds-and-ends they desire. They have the option of setting it up through the options menue or through a text editor for more options.

The only hangup players will encounter with dedicated servers is that they can only participate in unranked matches. On October 21, Infinity Ward’s, Robert Bowling announced via their community forums that the dedicated servers would only run unranked matches, but server admins would have full control over what weapons and perks would be available.


  1. *Cry* I really wish there were DSs for console…

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