‘Diablo 3′ launch site offers new videos, in-game items, contests

artwork class demonhunter02 large e1333755362345 300x268 Diablo 3 launch site offers new videos, in game items, contestsBlizzard took its Diablo 3 launch site live recently, as it ramps up the hype train toward the game’s May 15 release date.

The “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” site is similar to Blizzard’s launch site for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, with videos, artwork and contests for Diablo fans to peruse and participate in while they wait for the game to launch.  The site will feature one of the game’s heroes a week until launch, and fans that create a banner with that hero’s sigil during the week will unlock its use on their own banners in-game.  If you feel brave enough to use your own face instead of the provided game art (perhaps with a picture of your epic Diableard), you get a chance to win a signed Diablo 3 mousepad.  There’s also an art contest for fan-submitted works, with some pretty sweet hardware as prizes.

During each hero’s week a new video and information page will be posted focusing on their background and how they fight.  First out of the gate is the Demon Hunter, who uses ranged weapons and traps as well as a unique double-resource system that the video does a great job explaining.  Most of the information is already out there from people who’ve been playing the beta, but it does a great job selling the Demon Hunter class and explaining what players need to know when they pick up their double crossbows.

To help get the word out about Diablo 3 (as if they need any help), the site also has a progress bar to unlock additional items such as behind-the-scenes interviews with developers.  As players share and “like” items on the site the progress bar moves forward, unlocking more items in the lead up to the game’s launch.  Even if players don’t reach the goal, expect the videos and other unlockables to wind up on Blizzard’s website post-launch.

[ via Blizzard ]

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