DICE confirms no in-game VOIP for ‘Battlefield 3′ on PC

battlefield 3 logo 22 300x234 DICE confirms no in game VOIP for Battlefield 3 on PCA common complaint among PC players during the Battlefield 3 beta was the lack of squad-based or team-based voice chat. Parties formed in the Battlelog could chat it up but not anywhere else. DICE has confirmed that remain the case when the game launches on October 25.

When asked if Battlefield 3 will include squad or team-based VOIP chat in an interview with Gamespy, Lead Multiplayer Designer Lars Gustavsson said, “No, on PC this (battlelog) is what we’re going to ship with. Then we’re going to evaluate how we move forward with this.

“It’s something we’ve heard from the community, it’s something we understand. At the same time, building a game of this size, you can’t win all of the battles. The convenience of going in with friends with your party VOIP channel and keep it even after the game, is definitely a strength. That’s just the start – we can definitely evolve from there down the road.”

Oddly, it sounds as if the Command Rose might not make it into the game at launch either.
“It is on our list for trying to get in there at launch,” Gustavsson explained. “It is the usual things that you can really miss on the battlefield. Bail out is a typical one; you’re sitting in a helicopter and you realize that you want to attack the flag, and there’s no way to tell you’re buddy that you’re going to bail out.”

Far be it from us to state the obvious but another good way to let your buddy know would be at least squad-based voice chat.

Both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 3 will support voice chat.

[Via: Gamespy]

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  1. ForcesOfOdin says:

    This simply ruins the game. Voice chat is not something they can just cut out of the budget to pad on more somewhere else, it’s the fucking lynchpin for the whole concept of the game. It’s what allows the team play , the soul of the game, to be at all possible.

    It’d be like selling your heart for a billion dollars. Great job dumb ass, now you’re dead.
    Or it’s like they built a beautiful mansion , except no one can live there because they built it without bathrooms.

    I wouldn’t care if this game sucked, but it doesn’t/shouldn’t , so I’m left bewildered and angry. WHY?!

    Is group think to blame, as it was blamed for The Bay of Pigs? Or perhaps a dumb project manager who would gladly sell his beating heart for 1 billion dollars thought you could put a separate price on every component of the game, and cut whichever made the most fiscal sense disregarding the components importance to the value of the other components.

    This is almost as bad as the NASA scientist who crashed a 3billion dollar shuttle because he forget to convert the computed landing velocities and distances to metric.

    As much as I hate myself for it, I changed my mind.The battlefield fanboy realizes CoD is more fun than BF3 in its current form as a “64 hard to see mute-players who may as be bots fight with slower movement and longer distances to traverse before the at-best call of duty clone firefights happen and where death usually comes from a shadow or smoke, or some speck on a jagged rock really far away that happens to hit you in the head with a bullet.”

  2. Dick move batelfield needs com. way to f&%$ the user dice.

  3. the game is a crippled clusterfuck right now with no VOIP…. squads are pointless without direction… it’s just a giant FFA.

  4. victor rodriguez says:

    I did’nt want to believe it at first, did some research and yes, they cut out the voip off the game..i mean wow!!! what were they thinking?! bf3 without VOIP?! to have communication with your team at all time is super essential in this game!!! you def took the fun and a big concept off this game. highly disappointed!!

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