‘Disney: Infinity’ is exactly what you thought it would be, and more

Disney Infinity SS 300x191 Disney: Infinity is exactly what you thought it would be, and moreAbandon your discretional incomes, all ye who enter here. Especially those of you with children. Your budgets are so hosed.

At a big press event today, Disney announced what everyone had expected: their Disney: Infinity project is basically Skylanders with every Disney and Pixar property you can shake a dollar stick at. It will be a massive series of interconnected games on every platform (including mobile) that use mini-figures of iconic Disney and Pixar characters.

The launch trailer shows figures of Jack Sparrow and Sully from Monsters Inc. being transported into a world where The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Nightmare Before Christmas all play alongside and with each other. Other Disney characters run, race or zoom by as they explore the different worlds, fight enemies and interact with each other.

What’s that? You say you’ve already played Kingdom Hearts? Well, imagine being able to build an entirely customized world for your favorite (i.e., the ones you’ve purchased) characters to inhabit. That’s Infinity‘s “Toybox” mode, where all the Disney cross-pollination will take place. There will be games specific to each Disney “world” included in Infinity, starting out with The Incredibles, Monsters Universe and Pirates of the Caribbean, but it appears you’ll only be able to play with that world’s characters in their specific game. You can also unlock content in those games which are then added to the Toybox for your own use.

Avalanche Software is the developer behind Infinity, and showed some of the customization tools you’ll have in the Toybox. Players will be able to create their own rudimentary games which they can share with friends, a la Little Big Planet, which sounds really interesting and a way for Disney to push this new gaming subset forward.

While Skylanders won over a lot of people through novelty and innovation, Disney is hoping brand recognition and additions like the Toybox will help them catch up to the competition. It certainly looks like they’re off to a promising start so far.

Disney: Infinity was teased with a June 2013 launch window.

0 Disney: Infinity is exactly what you thought it would be, and more

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  1. My life selling game’s just got that much more frustrating. I hate Skylander’s as a whole, as well as Disney. Infinity has very little to offer me. Now bring GOOD Marvel & Star War tie-ins and Ill pitch Disney a couple bucks. Jason E. had a line in his article that terrified me. ‘Let’s just pray Nintendo never implements this idea with Pokemon.’ OH MY if that happened I’d be hooked instantly as if it was 2001 one all over again. But yes indeed this has a VERY high success chance, I foresee it running the worlds parents insane, as well as myself, for a decent amount of time. Damn you Disney.

  2. Kenn has the same mentality as most parents and retailers when it comes to a product they have no personal interest in. You convince yourself that it is the particular product that is making your life difficult. Kids will cry and sceam for toys no matter what’s available. Skylanders actually makes it easier. Buy the starter set and your set up for xmas and birthdays in the future. As far as the retailer’s point of view all you have to do is sell the starter pack and that customer will more than likely come back for more characters. If you run out of stock or they are after items that haven’t been released yet then put an order down for them. It’s your job to know the product and provide the service. Skylanders has been one of the easiest ways to make money for retailers and publishers. I hope they do make a Pokemon version and a Marvel version and a DC version and even a LEGO version because i know someone like you will “have to” spend the rediculous mark-up on something because it has a brand logo on it.

    In the end you should count yourself lucky that you have the hundreds of dollars to drop on Pokemon toys when there are plenty of others who have to complain about the price of food and rent. Maybe your taxes need to be raised so you wont have all that money to worry about.

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