“Dragonborn” DLC out for ‘Skyrim’ today, includes toughest boss yet

TheEbonyWarrior 300x219 Dragonborn DLC out for Skyrim today, includes toughest boss yetThe Xbox 360 version of Skyrim’s new DLC, Dragonburn, is out today and already putting the hurt on players with max-level characters.

Most players will be interested in the new story content which has you hunting down the “first” dragonborn in Solstheim, last seen in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind DLC “Bloodmoon.” Or possibly the new dragonriding mechanics being introduced with the DLC.

But maxed-out players (level 81) will be most interested in someone who finds them while in Solstheim called The Ebony Warrior. Clad in full Ebony armor and wielding a paralyzing shout, this beast of a boss only appears for max-level players and is meant to truly test your Skyrim skills.

How tough is he? Here are some accounts from Bethesda forum users:

“Ebony warrior was very challenging for me. Took me at least 3 tries throwing everything I had at him too. Kudos for Bethesda for putting this in for level capped people.” – JCamardo

“Took me 4 attempts. He’s like 15 legendary dragons in one.” –  Sh00byD00

There are specifics about the Ebony Warrior’s kit and abilities in that thread, so if you have a character and want to best him take a look for some tips and pointers. It sounds like he’s kitted out similarly to how a player character would fight: a paralyzing shout which lasts reportedly 15 seconds, the ability to self-heal through magic use, fire resistance, etc.

I’ve played a lot of Skyrim, but not NEARLY that much Skyrim, but it sounds like it’s a fun moment specifically for people who spent the time and effort to fully maximize their character’s abilities. If you face him down, let us know what you think!

The PS3 and PC versions of this DLC are expected “early next year”, according to Bethesda.

[ via NeoSeeker.com, NoahJ456 on YouTube ]

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