EA Sports: No new ‘Fight Night’ title planned for 2012

fightnightchampion1 300x168 EA Sports: No new Fight Night title planned for 2012Sports titles tend to get into the habit of releasing new iterations of the series every year. While it makes sense for most sports, seeing as how they have clearly defined breaks between seasons, fight sports, such as boxing and MMA, don’t really have an offseason that would show a clear and distinguishable break.

After last year saw the release of the solid Fight Night Champion, EA Sports has announced that despite the popularity and critical acclaim of Champion, they will not be launching a new entry into the series in 2012. This announcement comes on the heels of THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3, which was heralded by this site as “the greatest fight sport game ever released.”

Game Informer reached out to EA Sports representatives, who confirmed the story, but wanted to reassure fans that the sporting giant is not abandoning the franchise. “We remain committed to the Fight Night franchise, but have no announcements regarding it at this time,” an EA Sports spokesperson told Game Informer.

While some might see this as reason to worry, a quick look at past Fight Night release dates will show that the series stopped releasing in yearly intervals after 2006’s Fight Night Round 3, which saw three whole years before the less-well-received Fight Night Round 4 hit shelves in 2009. After that, it was another two years before Fight Night Champion launches in 2011. While some fans would surely like to see a new Fight Night this year, those fans can hope that EA Sports will take this extra time to make as big of a leap to the next title as the one we saw from Round 4 to Champion.

[via Game Informer]

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  1. They already destroyed FNC with those stupid updates, No realism at all.. And dont even get me started on what they did to the STAMINA in this game… The worst thing they ever did..


  2. I love FNC – this is very tactical it takes real maneuver to fight efficiently. this game is actually one my favourites, I pretty much play it all the time and i never get bored of it. it’s true that the losers online just pick mostly the higher rated players like tyson to box because they’re crap.

  3. So I have fight night champion and played Muhammed Ali and I was Mike Tyson. Now he ran all match but at the end the totals were me up in punches by 150+ with 200+ to the body. The user playing Ali just spammed the straight. I only threw only 500 punches in ten rounds. My opponent threw around 450 and alot were power punches. I connected on 50+ % of my power punches and he only landed 18%. I threw a good forty power punches but he threw over A HUNDRED. ALL this punches were to the head and he only landed 38%. He did cut my eye pretty bad. Keep in account I as Tyson threw 500 punches over ten rounds which is 50 per round which is nothing much to hurt stamina. So my question is… WHY at the END of the fight, after I landed 200+ punches to his body, was he winning, had more energy and responded faster? They have the same speed rating.. so you cant say he is faster. I knocked him down twice to his twice on me, but in the last round he knocked me down twice because he was faster andjust spamming the straight. I kept countering with the uppercut but its like the straight is a punch from god and my uppercut is not coming from Brooklyn like a Mike Tyson uppercut should. Just because he ran he could take all those punches? he made me punch more so I was tired? I don’t think any of this should of affected crap! I was the better boxer, but yet the SPAMMER won. Thats the only thing to fix, and this game would be awesome. The boxer who ultilizes all his punches should be rewarded more so then a guy who just pushes “1,2,POWER 2″ and threw all his punches to your head. even if He didn’t knock me out he would of won and if you watched the fight there was no way I should of lost. The stupidity of judges who don’t really know who won in the real world should not be incorporated into a game. Its like we make a football game and say hey lets make a Madden where the refs mess up calles and you have to know when to challenge… umm no make a Madden where they make all the right calls so we can experince the beauty of the sport not the reason we get irritated with it. This game woud be truly epic If you can find a way to put an end to spammers or give an advantage to the people who are “judicious” with punches.

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