‘Elder Scrolls Online’ video lets fans drink from the firehose

ESO video 300x225 Elder Scrolls Online video lets fans drink from the firehoseWhen it comes to game preview videos, I’m happy with a nice two to three minutes’ worth of gameplay footage.

But a 10-minute, developer-guided look inside a big-budget MMO? Get me a bag of popcorn.

Zenimax Online Studios released just that today, with a major Elder Scrolls Online developer video that’s light on commentary, and long on video. It goes through the many different environments built for the game, shows both melee and magic combat, and gives a look at all the different armor styles and enemy types Zenimax is putting into the game. They also continued to talk about the class and perks system, and claimed it will continue to give players the same ability to play however they want that they’ve enjoyed in prior Elder Scrolls titles. They also said perks would allow players to become vampires, werewolves, or have special pets.

One big announcement from the video was the “Megaserver” tech being used. Instead of server shards or realms, Elder Scrolls Online players will be on one giant server that developers say will make sure to keep players and guilds together. The developers suggested it would also make launch easier, without multiple shards to manage and keep online as they’re being (hopefully) crashed by hordes of Elder Scrolls fans.

The Elder Scrolls Online world is set up with the three factions all vying for power; the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact. Each of these factions are based in a corner of the world, with Cyrodiil up for grabs in the center. While questing and exploration sounds like it will start in the faction zones and move outward, PVP is centered around the central area of Cyrodiil. Zenimax’s lead PVP designer said factions will be in constant battle for the Imperial City, using siege weapons and other structures to conquer it and potentially crown an Emperor from one faction. In the video, a swarm of players from one faction assaulted the city’s walls while trebuchets launched flaming projectiles to smash a hole for them to pour through. Defenders held a central point, until they were beaten bag and the faction’s flag changed.

Three endgame options were mentioned in the video once players top out at level 50: Cyrodiil PVP, heroic raids, and what Zenimax called “adventure zones” where players could overcome tougher challenges by themselves, in a group or a bigger, raid-sized groups. At one point players were seen taking on a giant bone construct, possibly a world boss or other big challenge players would presumably need to group up to overcome.

Zenimax plans to release other videos detailing Elder Scrolls Online going forward, and if they’re all as loaded as this one I’d say they’re on the right track to winning over more than just hardcore Elder Scrolls fans.

0 Elder Scrolls Online video lets fans drink from the firehose
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  1. Themarvin says:

    Would say it is something we actually need, would love to play elderscrolls online being able to feel doing stuff on my own as well as with others for once.

    Tired of the general MMOs out there they are all the same and in my opinion a game like WoW was a disappointment as was more a fan of the RTS side of that game franchise and felt let down… anyhow been wandering through a bunch of MMOs the lates one SW:ToR and starting to get seriously tired of it.. and the other one I still play is EvE Online which always seem to be great in its own way.. as well as they kind of use a mega server thing as well having one and only server for the purpose of people clashing whereever and friends always would be on the same server as well.. a huge high five to that it is being done in TESO as well… as well as 100 vs 100 PvP being an option and a more and better paced PvP enviroment as well instead of stupid mini games as seen in Biowares SW:ToR and other MMOs barely being able to handle 16v16 clients at the same spot PvP’ing without it causing major lag, likewise other actually massive raid alike things.

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