ESA to Obama: Studies already show no link between games and violence

Entertainment Software Association logo 300x156 ESA to Obama: Studies already show no link between games and violenceThe Entertainment Software Association (ESA) issued a response to President Barack Obama’s proposal to spend $10 million to further research the connection between violence and violent video games. In short, the ESA said, “Thanks, but there are already studies that don’t show a link.”

Of course, the ESA worded their statement much more diplomatically than that and mentioned that it would be willing to work with the Administration and Congress. Still, the proposal to “investigate the relationship between video games, media images and violence” by Obama seems little more than a checkmark that the Administration felt it had to make to appease all sides. The link between violence and games has been studied ad nauseum already, and studies continue to be made to this day. There seems little new that $10 million thrown at the CDC could bring.

The full statement from the ESA is below.

[The] ESA appreciates President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s leadership and the thoughtful, comprehensive process of the White House Gun Violence Commission. We concur with President Obama’s call today for all Americans to do their part, and agree with the report’s conclusion that the entertainment and video game industries have a responsibility to give parents tools and choices about the movies and programs their children watch and the games their children play.

The same entertainment is enjoyed across all cultures and nations, but tragic levels of gun violence remain unique to our country. Scientific research and international and domestic crime data all point toward the same conclusion: entertainment does not cause violent behavior in the real world.

We will embrace a constructive role in the important national dialogue around gun violence in the United States, and continue to collaborate with the Administration and Congress as they examine the facts that inform meaningful solutions.”

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