‘Final Fantasy Type-0′ English release confirmed

finalfantasytype0 Final Fantasy Type 0 English release confirmedSeeing as Final Fantasy Type-0 is a Final Fantasy game, there never really was much doubt as to whether or not there would be an English release. Even so, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we’ve gotten word that Square Enix is already working on a localization. The news comes from the Japanese Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania, which will arrive in stores in Japan tomorrow. For those of you unfamiliar with Ultimania, they are a series of companion books produced for the Final Fantasy games in Japan that feature in-depth story analysis, interviews, and all sorts of other goodies.

The Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania contains an interview that has already been partially leaked on the internet, and it contains confirmation that Square Enix is already hard at work on the game’s international version. What we don’t know is whether this is going to be a worldwide release , US-only, or something else altogether. It is also not clear for what system they will choose to release Final Fantasy Type-0 for, considering the Vita will be launching in the West in February. Considering this is Final Fantasy, we should be able to expect a full UMD release in both the US and Europe.

Since Final Fantasy Type-0 came out in Japan on October 27th for the PSP, it’s likely that the localization will only take another couple of months. Square Enix has been very fast with their international releases in recent years, so stay tuned for an official announcement and release date.

[via Siliconera]

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  1. I am ridiculously excited about this game. I would love to see some sort of Vita version even if it is just with some minor enhancements. Also, just found out about this website through an Xseed post and I love it. Keep up the great work!

  2. HOMG *claws at screen*

    Anyway I hope they make it for the PSP platform (and also the Vita, so more people can play ^^)

  3. keep

  4. I hope they will release this on psp because i don’t have enough budget to buy a Vita, T_T It’s just too expensive T_T please release it on psp.

    • Unfortunately we haven’t heard much news about this localization since its “announcement”! I wonder what the status is? It’d certainly be strange if they put it on the Vita only, since it was originally a PSP release in Japan.

  5. i would like to play this game in english SUB: so i can understand what do to
    and im totally a FAN of this game so im really excited for the release of english version

  6. havn’t heard anything yet! i really really don’t think they will be an english release because the Vita is already out and if they were to release it, it would most likely be on Vita’s PSN store, also i hope they release PS2 games on the Vita’s PSN store! :/ (i don’t even have a Vita)

  7. I don’t even want a Vita.
    With the same price of a Ps Vita you can buy a PS3 or XBox360!!
    I love my psp, i don’t get why they keep changing consoles.
    Okay it’s for profit.
    But this is exactly why Consoles are being hacked!
    People can’t buy games for €50.- to €60.- these days.

    I hope this game will come to the psp.

  8. yeah I agree with you Edge…

    How long we will have to wait? I’m freaking excited to play this game but the English version doesn’t come even the information about the release date… :(

  9. Wow, still not confirmed english release date. this is getting seriously pathetic.

  10. Security-XIII says:

    I hope it will release on PSP soon, I really hate PS Vita and PS3 because of them the PSP games stop publish.

  11. masterpants says:

    I hope this game comes out before dec. 2012, before the world ends

  12. Vinmars80 says:

    you know guysi’m excited to play this game on my psp.
    i hope square will work on this since there are so many players who will be waiting for this to come out in the psp console.
    i’m excited for this final fantasy game so i’m really do hoping that i will be able to play on my psp!!!

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