Fox and EA partner for TV show based on ‘Battlefield: Bad Company’

Battlefield Bad Company Game Cover  121007024259 235x300 Fox and EA partner for TV show based on Battlefield: Bad CompanyFox and EA are partnering to bring video game franchise Battlefield: Bad Company to TV screens across the states with an hour long action/comedy show. No, really. John Eisendrath, who produced and wrote the much beloved “Alias” series (also, Models, Inc. Thank you, IMDB!), is set to helm the series along with Sony TV and Happy Madison.

The series will follow Bad Company single player campaign characters as they retire from military life and attempt to join the “private sector.” That would be boring as hell, so, from the Deadline Hollywood description: “They realize their commanding officer had used them to further the ends of a shadow unit within the government and now wants them dead to cover his tracks.” EA’s Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien are also part of the show’s development.

Battlefield: Bad Company released in 2008, with a sequel following 2 years later. The game was praised for its blend of action and humor, developing a cult-like following amongst some military shooter fans. DICE may be working on Battlefield 4, but at least you’ll have a TV show to soothe the need for more Bad Company?

[via CVG and Deadline Hollywood]

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