Game Boy Advance games land on Wii U eShop, ‘Dr. Luigi’ sale

black1 590x334 Game Boy Advance games land on Wii U eShop, Dr. Luigi sale

The first batch of Game Boy Advance titles are finally available on Thursday on the Wii U Virtual Console service after a long wait.

Wii U owners can purchase Advance Wars, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Metroid Fusion at a $7.99 entry point. Like all Virtual Console titles, each game offers off-television play via the GamePad as well as individual pages on Miiverse, Nintendo’s community forum. The next batch will presumably include the RPG Golden Sun, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, and Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the April date in a February Nintendo Direct presentation.

In addition, players who purchase the NES title Dr. Mario on the Wii U eShop get $5 off the purchase of Dr. Luigi, bringing the price to $9.99. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate РDeluxe Edition and Evofish are also available.

While the 3DS does not see the Game Boy Advance releases, owners can download¬†Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, Nintendo’s second attempt at the free-to-play market (along with Steel Diver: Sub Wars) as well as Sega’s Super Monkey Ball 3D at a $19.99 price.

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  1. I’d still much, much rather have these handheld games released on a handheld platform. Playing them on my Wii U just doesn’t appeal to me, the same way playing NES games on my 3DS just doesn’t *feel* right.

    GBA games on 3DS, and N64\GCN games on Wii U, and Virtual Console would be a force to be reckoned with. Well, to me anyway. Plenty of classic Nintendo material I’d love to revisit without digging out the original console.

    • My general understanding is that the 3DS is in essence turning into a simulated GBA that allows for the Ambassador GBA games to be played though lacking in features such as mappable controls, Miiverse, save states, etc. It has, in retrospect, become a huge oversight in the design of the 3DS. Wii U’s architecture seems to allow for this, however. I think a better explanation is here: http://www.vooks.net/why-the-game-boy-advance-isnt-on-the-3ds-virtual-console/

      But yeah, would have loved to have been able to play Super Metroid and Earthbound on 3DS.

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