Gas Powered Games goes all in for ‘Wildman’ action RPG hybrid on Kickstarter

wildman 04 216x300 Gas Powered Games goes all in for Wildman action RPG hybrid on KickstarterGas Powered Games, the studio behind Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander and DemiGod, is literally betting the farm on a Kickstarter project launched Monday. CEO Chris Taylor essentially says its $1.1 million in funding for Wildman or bust for the developer.

Wildman is described as an “evolutionary” action RPG that blends together elements of role-playing games, real-time strategy and MOBA titles. The game will be split between an overworld that players can explore with a single character and go dungeon diving to discover loot and new technology. However, players can also run into enemy camps where the game shits into something that resembles a MOBA title with “War Zones.”

In the “War Zones”, players will be able to construct buildings and spawn units to attack opponents and defend. Win and players will be able to advance in the world. Lose and they will be pushed back to where their last advancement.

Details on Wildman are still being fleshed out but that is because Taylor and Gas Powered Games are looking to crowdsource some of the features from fans. For example, classes have not been fleshed out yet and German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian translations will come from the community if there is interest. There are also plans to get mod tools out quickly so that modders can give away or sell their creation in-game.

Wildman represents a bold step for Taylor and his studio as on one-hand he calls the traditional publisher model  an “old model” but admits that to Gamasutra that the studio doesn’t have enough money to keep going if the Kickstarter funding fails.

“It’s not good. We’re all in on this,” he says. “We spent all the last dough that we’ve had, and the last several months working on it. So we’re betting the company on it.”

“I’m at the poker table, I’ve pushed all my chips to the center. I’ve got a decent hand, and I’m waiting for that next card to come off the top.

“And it’s either a good card or it’s not.”

Funding levels for Wildman start at $20 which gives a digital copy of the game plus access to the forums so that buyers can track development. The highest donation is $10,000 which means an invite to the game’s launch party, an appearance in a launch video blog and “Executive Producer” title in the credits. The best value appears to be at the $45 tier as it grants two extra copies of the game, beta access, soundtrack, in-game “Consumables Pack”, digital novella and documentary.

The Kickstarter project for Wildman ends Friday Feb 15, 9:00pm EST.

[Via: Kickstarter, Gamasutra]

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