‘Gotham City Imposters’ slapped with not so funny delay

gotham city imposters poster Gotham City Imposters slapped with not so funny delay

Gotham City Imposters, WB Games’ and Monolith Production’s wacky, downloadable first-person shooter spin on the Batman mythos, was hit with a delay on Thursday that pushed the PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam title back into February.

The game was originally scheduled for a January 10 release but no reason was given for the delay. Update: Monolith released the following statement on the Gotham City Imposters Facebook page.

Given the vast amount of feedback and data we received during our Beta, the Gotham City Impostors launch date is being moved to the February time frame. Your participation was tremendous. Many thanks for playing. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

I’ve been playing the Gotham City Imposters beta for preview purposes and can’t say that I disagree with the delay. All the elements for are there for a fun and off-kilter multiplayer shooter but there are definitely a few glitches to work out with matchmaking among other things.

Gotham City Imposters is a six on six multiplayer shooter that asks what happens when Batman and Joker are off fighting elsewhere in Gotham City. Ordinary citizens take up the cause as Bats and Jokerz using very un-ordinary weaponry including roller skates, bear traps, bullhorns, boomerangs, a PVC pipe rocket launch and more along with the standard machine guns and sniper rifles.

The game currently features two gametypes; one is a Capture the Flag type called “Psychological Warfare” and the other is a Domination type called Fumigation. Gotham City Imposters also sports costume and weapon customization.

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  1. Damn, not to happy about this. But, if the delay is needed & is not the beginning of a cancel than its ok and I can wait.

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