‘Guardians of Middle Earth’ to bypass Microsoft, Sony certification

guardians of middle earth 300x168 Guardians of Middle Earth to bypass Microsoft, Sony certification

The console MOBA is intended to be faster-paced than its PC brethren.

Monolith’s Lord of the Rings MOBA is launching this week on consoles, and it’s not just going to be remarkable for bringing the genre to the console space – it’s also going to bypass the much-despised certification system for patches and updates.

In an interview with VG247, Guardians of Middle Earth‘s producer Bob Roberts described the system thus:

“[We built] a system for having a lot of our balance database saved in cloud storage, that you’re going to download every time you launch the game. It’s a very small, quick update that doesn’t have to go through certification, so we can update it every day, every week – however often we need to if we see critical balance issues.”

Anyone who has played a MOBA game will know that they are subject to frequent updates to tweak items, combat balance, and gameplay. For those who haven’t, they are games that iterate on the classic Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, some of the best examples being League of Legends or AirMech. Gameplay is fast-paced and action-heavy, meaning that development teams can spend months and even years adding subtle adjustments to how the game performs in order to maintain a sense of balance. A cloud system for updates means that Monolith can be tweaking this game for the foreseeable future, without having to worry about paying exorbitant sums to do so. Good news all around, I say.

The game releases today and tomorrow across all regions on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Via [VG247]

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