Horror title ‘Amy’ coming to PSN and XBLA next week

Horror fans rejoice! Lexis-Numerique’s intriguing new downloadable horror title, Amy has been rather quiet as of late, ever since it was delayed from its original 2011 release date. Fortunately, a release date has not only been confirmed, it is next week. AMY will hit PSN for $12.99 (Europe: €9.9/UK: £7.99), and XBLA for 800 MSP on January 11, 2012.

AMY 630x354 Horror title Amy coming to PSN and XBLA next week

Next week you'll be able to run from this guy in sheer terror

The game is poised to deliver a much-needed kick in the pants to the survival horror genre, and promises some innovating gameplay while returning to the genre’s roots. We at VGW have been keenly interested in this title since it was announced last year. Set a few years in the future, AMY will follow a young woman named Lana, as she fights both infection and the infected of a midwestern town. Together with the titular character, Amy, gamers will make their way through the horrific wasteland, surviving any way they can.

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  1. CANT WAIT!! Been waiting a few months for this one now, best news of the day. I will be getting this on LIVE rather than PSN beings I have waaaaaaaay more memory to spare on the 360 than I do the PS3, kinda fed up with moving files off the PS3 and onto my PC just so I can play a game I picked up, or download a new game.

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