How to copy digital PSP games to Vita using your PS3

With the retail launch of the PS Vita on February 22, Sony has implemented a way for PSP owners to download some of the game they previously purchased using the Vita store. Unfortunately, a fraction of the games are available using this method. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to connect the PS Vita to your PS3, and transfer your digitally purchased PSP games over, allowing many more titles to be visible and playable on your shiny new Vita!

Step 1: Download your PSP games to PS3

Before connecting the Vita to your PS3, make sure you’ve downloaded your entire collection of PSN-purchased PSP titles, by heading to the Playstation Store and clicking the “View Downloads” icon on the top right. Browse the list and download any PSP titles you want to transfer over to the Vita.

Step 2: Plug in your PS Vita to your PS3

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It’s pretty self-explanatory, but use the USB cable supplied with your Vita to plug it in to your PS3. Both your Vita and PS3 will instantly recognize each other. Leave the PS3 on the dialogue screen shown, and grab your Vita.

4 300x170 How to copy digital PSP games to Vita using your PS3Step 3: Get Connected

On the Vita, return to your Home Screen by pressing the Playstation button, and you should see “Content Manager” doing a happy dance. Click the icon, then select “Connect to a PS3 System.” Next, you’ll want to choose the direction to copy the content, so click PS3 System –> PS Vita System. Finally, select “Applications (PSP/Other” to tell your Vita to look for PSP games to transfer over.

Step 4: Select and Copy 

6 e1329589672896 300x110 How to copy digital PSP games to Vita using your PS3At this point, you should see a list of the PSP games you can copy and enjoy playing on your PS Vita. While the list of compatible titles is considerably larger using this method than the PS Vita store directly, there are still some games that can’t be copied — yet. For example, we weren’t able to transfer Modnation Racers PSP or Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe, but we were able to move several other games that weren’t visible for downloading on the PS Vita store. Your mileage may vary, and you should redo these steps every once in a while as Sony plans to constantly update compatibility.

Now, you can enjoy a decent percentage of your digital PSP games on the Vita’s gorgeous OLED screen, with more vibrant color and deeper blacks.

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  1. greetings!

    I noticed that a lot of my mini games that are listed as compatible, are not showing up on my PS3 to transfer. Any ideas? Also, I own Peace Walker in UMD….Heard of any type of transfer method for psn?

    • Have you compared the list that is visible via your PS3->PS Vita with the actual PS Vita store Minis listings? Just curious how big the discrepancy is…

      • I downloaded around 5 minis that are on the official list and on my PSVita they just don’t show up.

        The two I remember are “Age of Zombies” and “Me Monstar Hear Me Roar”.

        From all the minis I have, the only one that showed up to copy was “Flying Hamster”.

  2. i was wondering if this would work for ff7, spyro the dragon, and metal gear solid. and do i need to use my own ps3 or a friend’s ps3 with which i copied my games onto?

  3. ..and if you don’t have a ps3? what do you do?

  4. when it comes up with first screen you show i click connect to ps3 and it says cannot connect to ps3 system which one is at fault and what can i do about it?

    • Has the PS3 been authorized/activated with your PSN account?

    • Yea i had this problem to and all you need to do is click on one of the games you downloaded on your ps3 until it gives you a message that the vita is used to copy games, leave that message showing on your ps3 than try using the connect to ps3 option in content manager and it should work.

  5. Jose Rios says:

    Hi. I tried everything step by step and i get this message:
    ”Could not copy some content items.(NP-8035-6)”

    I am trying to copy the Power Stone Collection. Is this a normal issue or are my setting the problem?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jose Rios

  6. Also getting the above error code
    “”Could not copy some content items.(NP-8035-6)”

    Have tried to copy 6 titles now and all come back with that same message

  7. i tried do buy peacewalker on my ps3
    and my ps vita cannot recognize it in the content manager
    and im using region 3 SG account
    does this things account specific?

  8. Getting error NP-8035-6 also how dop i activate my vita on my ps3

  9. I finally figured out this NP-8035-6 error.


    You have to activate games on both the ps3 and the ps vita per this video’s instruction. In my case, both my systems were not activated, after activating them the games copied no problem.

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