Humble THQ Bundle ends at just over $5 million raised

humble thq bundle 2 300x134 Humble THQ Bundle ends at just over $5 million raisedThe Humble THQ Bundle and its seven games ended Wednesday night bringing in more than $5 million to be divided between THQ, charities and the Humble Bundle.

THQ president Jason Rubin chipped in an additional $10,000 just before the Humble THQ Bundle ended to take the top contributor spot. Rubin previously donated $1,050 with the entire amount going to the supported charities of the Red Cross and Child’s Play. Rubin explained the final contribution on Twitter by saying, “I gave $9500 to Charity and $500 for Humble Bundle. I figured HB deserved thanks for giving us the opportunity.”

And it turned into a unique opportunity and one of the most successful Humble Bundles yet. The $5,097,261.48 raised through 885,287 purchases puts the Humble THQ Bundle second behind the Humble Bundle V which raised $5.1 million when it ran in May of this year. Both Humble Bundle and THQ came under some criticism for being the first bundle that restricted the games purchased to Windows and used Steam DRM. However, it generated more than $2 million in its first day on Nov. 29 and ended up with an average purchase price of $5.76.

THQ’s financial struggles are well documented to this point as it seeks to find additional funding to bridge the gap until the release of Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Aside from whatever portion of the money from the Humble THQ Bundle is used to help out in the short-term, the other benefit has been to the publisher’s stock price. It hovered around $1.10 prior to the bundle’s launch before closing at $1.40 on Wednesday.

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