Infamous Pyramid Head scene has not been removed from ‘Silent Hill HD Collection’

pyramid head1302755485 Infamous Pyramid Head scene has not been removed from Silent Hill HD CollectionSince Silent Hill HD Collection released on Tuesday, rumors circulated through GameFAQS that the infamous scene in which Pyramid Head is seen raping a series of mannequins had been removed. Reports claimed both that the scene was removed entirely, and that it had merely been censored so as to obscure what Pyramid Head was doing.

These reports seem to be incorrect, despite many outlets reporting it as confirmed. Last night, Chad Freeman (a developer who worked on the HD port) confirmed via Twitter that the scene was definitely still in the game: “Hi Ian, I worked on the HD port. Sorry if you may have encountered a bug, but that scene is definitely present in the HD version.”

Fans were upset at the possible exclusion of the scene because, while graphic, the scene was one of the more disturbing aspects of Pyramid Head, and helped create the tense mood of the game. Also, from a story perspective, the scene was highly symbolic of both the powerful enemy and James’ psyche.

VGW’s Anne Lee confirmed, watching footage of the Xbox 360 HD remake along side the PS2 original, that the scene is still in the game, though the first couple of seconds have been edited slightly.

To see the infamous scene in the original PS2 version, click here, and to see the HD version, click here — but be warned, NSFW.

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  1. By “edited slightly” you mean “completely removed”, no? I’d be less offended by the removal of one quick shot, if they hadn’t been so lazy with the rest of the porting.

    I honestly didn’t notice the change until seeing the comparison, but boy do the dozens of other minor problems add up after a while. (Audio glitches, framerate stuttering, missing graphic effects/polish, etc.) Silent Hill 3 HD looks like a leaked beta, rather than an update of a 9 year old game.

  2. No! It hasn’t been removed/edited *at all*. Although the gameFAQs poster who took that video has yet to say so, I’m assuming it is the PS3 version (which is riddled with even more bugs than the 360 one). I recorded my Pyramid Head meeting scene and there was absolutely no seconds cut off. I’ve viewed the original next to this and it plays beat by beat exactly the same.


    If anything, there is some issue loading up cut scenes which sometimes causes them to freeze, or not show up for longer, and I assume that’s where the first few seconds of PH went. The scene is definitely meant to be there 100% complete but some users just aren’t seeing it for some (presumably technical) reason.

    This message brought to you by a slightly obsessive SH2 fan.

  3. Jen Bosier says:

    Hey! Thanks for the footage, Marcus! I spent more time investigating this than the average gamer, so I appreciate the SH2 obsession! :)

  4. Matt Chatham says:

    Hey, I took the original video, and yes it’s on the PS3 version. It’s the first two seconds of the scene, and while it’s still obviously intact, you can’t see that opening cut. Though now I don’t believe it was “edited,” I think the PS3 version is just having some sort of graphics issue where it doesn’t fade in in time. Hope it gets patched!

  5. Studio Dead says:

    Strange to say, but we think the game would be incomplete without that little scene in it. Call us weird…and you’re right.

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