Japanese indie action title ‘Croixleur’ needs your Greenlight votes

croixleur 003 300x168 Japanese indie action title Croixleur needs your Greenlight votesNyu Media has quickly made a name for itself by releasing quality Japanese indie localizations such as eXceed Collection and ETHER VAPOR Remaster. Now, its latest title, Croixleur, is available for upvoting on Steam Greenlight. The hack & slash action title launched on January 24th on Nyu Media’s official website, Desura, and GamersGate, but Nyu Media is hoping to get the game on to Steam in order to expand the service’s Japanese indie game library and reach a wider audience.

Croixleur is reminiscent of Devil May Cry and other traditional action titles, but instead takes place in a single tower that two female warriors must fight their way to the top of. The game features three modes: a story mode with multiple paths that are unlocked depending on your performance, a score attack mode that has you defeating as many enemies as possible in three minutes, and a survival mode that, of course, has you defeating as many enemies as possible before your HP reaches zero.

At only $4.99, Croixleur offers plenty of content for fans of fast-paced combat, and with a playable demo available on Nyu Media’s website that features the game’s score attack mode, there’s no reason not to check it out. With Nyu Media having released a whopping nine titles in just over a year, it’s safe to say the publisher will be bringing over many more quality Japanese indie games in the months and years to come

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