July gets in the groove with ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’

Word came out just two weeks ago that Square Enix would be localizing the 3DS rhythm title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but at the time of the announcement only a vague “summer 2012″ release window was disclosed. Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long for a firm date to be nailed down: it turns out Theatrhythm will be joining Kingdom Hearts 3D for a midsummer release on July 3rd. What was that about a summer lull?

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a –– you guessed it –– Final Fantasy-themed rhythm game. Featuring remixed music from all numbered Final Fantasy titles, three different modes of play, standard RPG leveling, oodles of treasures and collectables, and a whopping 70 songs, it is sure to be a major nostalgia trip for any fan of Final Fantasy‘s iconic tunes. Japan got not one, but two, eShop demos for the game, so here’s hoping Square Enix will be gracious enough to bring at least one to the US eShop. Additionally, Theatrhythm is the very first 3DS game to receive DLC, which comes in the form of a whole slew of songs not included in the cartridge, the most surprising of which being a song for the still-in-development Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Is Square Enix planning bringing over the DLC songs to the US, as well? Only time will tell, but we think it’d be a crying shame if they didn’t.

0 July gets in the groove with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Excited yet? You can read a more detailed explanation of the gameplay here.

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